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We are back in the office. Apolopgies for all people who ordered during the past two weeks, all your parcels have been posted by now. And we are straight into the next, very special, release. We are proud to present the first ever CD edition of Sorry for Laughing; a side project of Biota, created by Gordon Whitlow, and featuring fellow Biota musicians. The Charles Hayward album (Begin Anyhwere) is out and Charles is also on the cover of this month's issue of The Wire. Stock on Renaldo & The Loaf's live album Long Time Coming is getting low; order soon to avoid disappointment. We have just agreed to a long time favourite here at Klang to be re-issued by us on CD: Regular Music, an album originally released by Rougth Trade in 1985 and featuring Charles Hayward and Jeremy Peyton-Jones. Lots of exciting items in our catalogue right now, browse and have a look.


The Klanggalerie office will be closed from May 4th to May 18th. Please be aware that all orders placed between these dates will be shipped upon our return to the office on May 19th. Apologies for the delay, e-mails will be checked on an irregular basis and replies will take longer than usual. As soon as we are back, the brand new album by Charles Hayward will be shipped, official worldwide release date is May 17th. Charles will also be on the cover of the new edition of The Wire in the UK. The Commercial Album by The 180Gs is now sold out at source. See you in 2 weeks.


Hula's third CD re-issue Voice is available from the shop now. As usual, we have added the 12" tracks from the same period making this a pretty long CD definitely worth your money. Also available is the repress of RMX by The Residents with green artwork instead of red. The music is the same. We are currently preparing the next releases which will be available after our return from the UK. (We will be on holiday from May 4th to May 18th, so please place orders soon if you want to avoid a 2 week wait). Coming up in May will be Biota side project Sorry for Laughing, first time ever released on CD, and the all-new and stunning album by This Heat co-founder Charles Hayward. June will see the re-issue of The Residents' PAL TV album on CD, including 40 minutes of bonus material, previously not available, and the Hardy Fox tribute album The Godfather of Odd, with great artwork by Helge Wagner and an impressive tracklist, check the album page for more details. The 180Gs a cappella version of The Commercial Album is near to being sold out at source, so grab one of the last copies if you want to buy from us directly.