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Today is the release date for Hardy Fox's unique mini album 25 Minus Minutes. He recorded it only one week before his untimely death, in the form of an audio diary. As this is not a commercial release, we present it is a limited edition TOOK CD, meaning you can get it only directly through us and not to the usual outlets worldwide. Feel free to combine your purchase with some of our other lovely releases. 1923 by Konstrukktivist is now sold out, and stock on Eric Random's Words made Flesh is very low. Next up is another TOOK release: Blaine L. Reininger's soundtrack Mädchen in Koffer, combined with other orphan tracks, should be able around February 25th. Keep an eye on this page to see when it can be ordered. We have added Didi Bruckmayr to the line-up of our Klang 50 festival, he will perform together with Jean-Jacques Birge. This will be the first time these two artists join a stage. And finally, we are happy to announce that we are working with Broken Silence distribution for Europe now. This will make it a lot easier for you to find our releases in your nearest shop.


Konstruktivist's Industrial masterpiece Psykho Genetika will be in stock next week. It arrives just in time when Last Moments of 1923 is sold out, so don't hesitate too long to get your copy. Thorofon's Maximum Punishment Solutions CD is sold out, too, a few copies of New Heroes Essentials are still remaining, but not too many. Renaldo & The Loaf's Gurdy Hurding album is currently out of stock, it needs a repress and should be available again by the end of March. Similarly, their live album Long Time Coming is very low on stock and will need a repress, too. In other news, we have added the third band to our Klang 50 festival line-up: Job Karma from Poland will join Jean-Jacques Birge from France and Andrew Liles feat. Renaldo M, both UK. The 4th act will be announced towards the end of the month. If you happen to be in Prague for the Residents show, please say hello. You can also get our Rz merch there.


The second edition of Hardy Fox's seminal debut album (also known as Heart) is in stock now. It is packaged in a 6 panel ecopack, like the first edition, but with totally different artwork created by Hardy himself. The C Cat Trance is also just a few days old.... Next will be the (hopefully correct) repress of Thomas Leer's 1979 collection and Psykho Genetika by Konstruktivists. February will see two TOOK releases: Blaine L. Reininger's (Tuxedomoon) Mädchen in Koffer collection and Hardy Fox's goodbye album to his fans, 25 Minus Minutes. Both will be limited editions with only one pressing, so don't miss out! Some of you might also have noticed we are hosting another festival in Vienna this autumn: Klang 50 will be a smaller and more privat affair than Klang 25, but you are all invited to join us for a great evening. So far, Jean-Jacques Birge and Andrew Liles feat. Renaldo M have been announced. I'd say that's already reason enough to come, but two more acts will be presented soon.