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Today is the release date of Alien Brains' classic Menial Disorders, originally released in 1980. The CD comes with a booklet including a long interview with Nigel Jacklin. Copies are available from the catalogue. Elliott Sharp's fifth installment of his "I Never Metaguitar" series is already sold out here at source, but copies are and will be available through all our usual outlets. Eric Random's brand new long player "No-Go" is still fresh, and so is Bob Uck & The Family Track, a project by Hardy Fox. Please note that Bob Uck and Alien Brains will only be available here and at smaller distribution companies, they won't be distributed by MVD, Shellshock or Broken Silence. Most restrictions in logistics have fallen, but we are still not able to ship to Canada at the moment. All your orders are waiting, fully packed up, and will be posted at the first possible moment. Apologies for these delays, at the moment we cannot do anything about it, but have to wait. Stay safe and sane everyone.


Eric Random's brand new album is finally in stock! We apologize for the delay which is due to both Covid and the usual Christmas madness. Copies are being shipped this week; unfortunately, we still can't post anything to the UK, Canada, Ireland and Russia. All parcels are packed up and ready to go at the first minute. Sorry about the inconvenience but there is currently nothing we can do about it. Next up will be the 40th anniversary edition of Alien Brains' Menial Disorders album, and Preparing for Power by Bourbonese Qualk. Our planned concert by Charles Hayward in Vienna towards the end of January has to postponed yet another time. We now aim at May 2021, hoping that spring will bring some relaxation to the pandemic situation. We will also re-schedule the Jac Berrocal/David Fenech/Vincent Epplay gig, alongside a lot of new ideas which are waiting to be realized this year. Stay safe everyone.


We're coming to the end of a difficult year and the year ends in style, with problems. Due to Christmas and even more so to the Corona virus, logistics are heavily affected. On the one hand, delivery of our last December release - Eric Random's No-Go album - is delayed. I Never Metaguitar is in stock from today and can be ordered from the available page. On the other hand, there is currently no postal service between Europe and the UK and also Canada. This is due to the new virus mutant. We hope that flights will start again soon. All other countries are not affected, with the exception of Russia, to which we cannot send any mail at the moment as well. In spite of all the horrors going on this year, release-wise it's been a great one for Klanggalerie. We released 38 albums on CD and there were a couple vinyl licenses through Psychofon and Secret Records. We have some amazing albums coming out in 2021, so please stay tuned and always keep an eye on our website and Facebook page. Wishing you the very best for the New Year, take care of yourselves and stay safe.