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Wer are proud to announce Fred Frith's first solo live album since 1981, Woodwork, is now ready to be ordered. It shows how Fred's playing as a solo musician has developped in the last 38 years and is a truly remarkable work. Also very fresh is the second installment in our Etant Donnes re-issue series, L'Opposition Et Les Cases Conjuguées Sont Réconciliées. It includes a long bonus track that was not on the original cassette release on Bain Total. Laughing Afternoon, the debut album by Bourbonese Qualk, is now available on CD, with Hope following very soon. Let me also remind you that we have copies of both vinyls of Hardy Fox albums - the self titled album licensed by Secret Records, USA, and Nachtzug, released by Psychofon in Germany. Both are available from our shop. The Klanggalerie office will be closed from August 24 to September 8 so please allow delays in replying. All orders placed between those dates will be shipped immediately upon our return. If you want your music earlier, please place your orders until Friday morning this week.


We hope you are enjoying the summer (unless you live far away, then you are maybe enjoying the winter). The heat doesn't keep us fropm releasing more wonderful CDs..... out today is the second album by French cult group Etant Donnes entitled L'Opposition Et Les Cases Conjuguées Sont Réconciliées. As with La Vue, this CD version has bonus music that was not on the opriginal album. In two weeks, the brand new album by Fred Frith will be releases. Woodwork was recorded in 2018 and is Frith's first solo live album since 1981's Live in Japan. Quite an exciting August. Next month you will get the brand new album by the wonderful Amy Denio, the re-issue of the stunning Regular Music album, plus early in October Ted Milton's collected Non-Blurt recordings, The Odes. Ted will do a small Austrian tour to present the CD, playing gigs in Vienna, Linz and Graz. Klanggalerie have also teamed with promoters Liccht to organize some exciting live shows in Vienna. For autumn we have Lingua Ignota, The Flying Luttenbachers and many more in the pipeline. And of course, in October we bring you the double headline show of Der Plan and Andreas Dorau, plus Klang 50, the follow-up to Klang 25 with five exciting musicians gracing the stage of Repluggec Club, Vienna. More details for that can be found on the event page to which a link can be found on the Klanggalerie website's start page.


Laughing Afternoon is the start of a re-issue programme of Bourbonese Qualk albums. This debut is available now with three bonus tracks not available on any vinyl version. Go to the shop to get a copy. Also still very fresh and flying out the doors here is the tribute to Hardy Fox, The Godfather of odd, with exclusive tracks by many of his contemporaries and friends, but also some admirers. August will see the release of Fred Frith's first solo guitar album since 1981's Live in Japan, and the second installment in our re-issue series of early Etant Donnes cassettes for the first time ever on CD. Stock on several items has become very low, Rapoon's Un Flic, Helios Creed's On The Dark Side of the Sun, Eric Random's Time-Splice, Kula's Tenement Noise, Eric Random's Man Dog, Graf & Zyx' Programmmusik 2 and The Residents' Dot Com are closed to being sold out. Enjoy the summer and listen to good music as always.