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January is here and so is the first of our wonderful releases for this year. The follow-up to Michael Cashmore's Doctrine album, The Doctrine of Transformation Through Love 2. It features guest vocals by Little Annie and can be ordered through the website now. A couple items from the catalogue have gone out of print early this month: Hardy Fox's 25 Minus minutes and the tribute album to his genius, The Godfather of Odd. The latter is still availble as a download from bandcamp. We have many exciting project coming uop in the next few weeks: Un Drame Musicale's L'Homme a Camera, Bourbonese Qualk's Hope, Jac Berrocal/David Fenech/Vincent Epplay's Ice Exposure and Robert Rental's 1980 Demos are all coming out until the end of February, followed by the Legendary Pink Dots' Kleine Krieg, Edward Ka-Spel's Abandoned Laboratory 3 and Eric Random's early project Free Agents in March. Watch this space for further announcements.


We are happy to announce another great CD is being released today: Un Drame Musical Instantane's excellent fourth album, a soundtrack to Dziga Vertov's film L'Homma a Camera. We have added a second soundtrack as a bonus to this CD. Full information can be found in the catalogue section. When ordering, don't forget to browse our catalogue, we happily combine multiple orders. Klanggalerie will be present at Artacts 2020 festival in Tirol, Austria, in March. If you'd like us to bring any items, drop us a line. Several items from the catalogue are low on stock, amongst other Renaldo & The Loaf's Breadcrumbs, The Box Muscle Out, both CDs by The New Blockaders, Chakk, Asmus Tietchens' Eisgang, The Residents' Refused, Konstruktivists' Last Moments of 1923, both albums by Blurt, Renaldo & The Loaf's LIve in Vienna, Thighpaulsandra's The Lepore Extrusion, Korpses Katatonik, Thomas Leer's 1982 & From Sci Fi To Barfly, Helios Creed and Chrome, Graf & Zyx and finally Roma Amor and Section 25's Eigengrau. Some might be gone faster, some more slowly, but don't hesitate too long if you want to secure a copy of any of the aforementioned.


Klanggalerie wishes you all a Merry Christmas and the very best for 2020!