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Please raise a glass of a good wine to our beloved Hardy Fox who died this day one year ago. Hardy is still missed every day. His latest release, the collected works as Black tar and the Cry Babies is available now in the shop. In terms of releases, we are happy to announce that Shadowland by Hula is now in stock and teady to ship. Go to the catalogue and grab your copy there. It also includes the 12" Black Wall Blue tracks and is, as usual, remastered by Martin Bowes of Attrition. Some stock info: The Succession by David Harrow is close to being sold out, get your copy now if you want to avoid disappointment. Last weekend we had the amazing night of Klang 50 at Replugged, Vienna, which was truly amazing. We'd like to thank all the people who came to celebrate with us, and of course all the musicians who performed: Denis Frajerman, Das Fax Mattinger, Job Karma, Jean-Jacques Birge & Didi Bruckmayr, Andrew Liles & Renaldo M, and Section 25. Next up will be the re-issue of The Residents' Refused album, collectiong 18 versions of Santa Dog, many previously unpublished on any physical format. Watch out for news.


Ted Milton will play an Austrian tour at the end of this month to promote the new "Odes" album that collects many of his activities outside Blurt. He'll stop in Graz, Linz and Vienna to present the CD live. The album can now be ordered through the website. Klang 50 is coming closer and closer with only 3 more days to go. Non Toxique Lost's Enz Rouge album is now deleted. Next up will be Hula's ambient album Shadowland, followed by The Residents' Refused and Robert Rental' s collected demo recordings for the first time on CD. This will complete our activities for 2019. Walter of Klang has founded an association with Herbert Molin, former owner of Rhiz in Vienna, to promote concerts in Vienna. Watch out for a lot of announcements for 2020. If you are in Vienna this weekend, come by and celebrate Klang 50 with us. You won't regret it.


Halloween is coming closer and we have a special treat for you: Hardy Fox aka Charles Bobuck's download only release "Season of the witch" is being released as a limited edition CD today. In addition, it features the two tracks that were available as download-only later, "Left with the Fires" and "The Fires". This is a very limited edition in cooperation with TOOK, the label founded by Hardy and Walter to release the more obscure works by Hardy Fox. Next up will be "The Odes", an album collecting the solo works of Ted Milton, mastermind behind the wonderful Blurt. This will be released towards the end of this month. Next week, on Friday, 25th October, we will host the Klang 50 event in Vienna with Denis Frajerman, Das Fax Mattinger, Job Karma, Andrew Liles feat. Renaldo M., Jean-Jacques Birge & Didi Bruckmayr and the Section 25 Industrial Unit live on stage. Come and join us for this unique event, there is a link to the event on the top left of the start page here.