Digital Download


Exciting news today: two new CDs by The Residents are available! Both Morning Music and El Ano del Muerto, previously only available as a digital download, are out now. As usual, these themed collections come with some surprises and rare or previously unavailable songs. Grab them from the shop. The two Atomizer CDs are also still very fresh, both being great synth pop albums.... check them out if you're into the Cabs or Pet Shop Boys. Next up will be the new album by German Industrial pioneers Non Toxique Lost and the album Cargo Cult Revival by Tom Cora and David Moss, never before available on CD. Some items are sold out here at Klanggalerie: Elliott Sharp's Metaguitar 5 compilation, the collected works by Korpses Kataonik CD, the third album by French supergroup Berrocal/Fenech/Epplay and the Jazzblazzt duo by Rodrigo Amado and Dirk Serries. They should all still be available from our usual distributors. Stay safe.


Our March releases are completed with the two amazing albums by British synth pop group Atomizer. Both Cult of Europa, their second album, and Open Secret, their third album are now available for the first time ever on CD. More details are in the catalogue section. You will notice that due to increasing postage rates all around the world we had to increase our price for a CD to € 18,- per copy. Still a very fair price, we think, considering that it costs € 15,- to ship a CD to the USA from here. April will start with two more Residents albums - El Ano del Muerto and Morning Music, two theme based compilations previously available only as download. There is always something exclusive to these releases, for example the wonderful I can't get no (Spot) on Muerto. Both are well worth checking out. Also out this month is a new album by Berlin-based Industrial project Non Toxique Lost and Bourbonese Qualk's third album, The Spike, first time ever on CD. Slowly we are also starting to organize concerts again, we hope for a better autumn. Watch this space for more news. Stay sane.


We are happy to announce the brand new album by Rapoon. In These Ancient Times has been in the works for quite some time, and today we can finally offer it to you. Grab your copy in the catalogue section. The recently released Anganok album by The Residents is now out of print. Copies of Beautiful Eyes are still available. March will see the release of two more CDs: both by British synth pop group Atomizer. Their second and third albums came out as download releases only and we are happy to finally present them on CD. More details on these soon. The postal situation has normalized in most places, only the UK is still often a problem - not due to Covid, but to Brexit. A lot of paperwork is asked for, and massive delays occur. On top, several parcels shipped to the UK are getting lost. Let us know if you order hasn't arrived after 3 to 4 weeks. Stay safe and sane.