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Quite a lot of news this week! We have three new CDs in April, two of them ready now, the third coming in about a week: firstly, the long overdue first CD issue of Hula's seminal album Murmur. We have added all the 12"s from around the same period, Fever Car, Walk on Stalks and Get the Habit. Secondly, Thomas Leer's second installment in the archive series - after 1979 we bring you 1982, a fantastic collection of previously unreleased music from that year. Thirdly, the full album by Herr Lounge Corps with Cadaverous Condition, The Breath of a Bird, following up the 7" and compilation track. May will be an equally strong month at Klang, but more details in the next update. Stock on Sleepchamber's Sorcery Spells and Serpent Charms album is getting very low, don't wait too long if you want to get hold of one of the last copies. We are currently working on special merchandise for the Klang 25 event - come and join us for 10 live acts including Renaldo & The Loaf's second ever live gig.


Our three March CDs are all in stock now. Simon Crab's Demand Full Automation, Tabor Radosti's Havamal and Blurt's Poppycock. A fine selection indeed. Preparations for our Klang 25 festival are full underway, all hotels and flights are booked, the team to help us is ready to go. Don't miss out if you want to attend a unique event. Snakefinger's Chewing Hides The Sound Cd is currently being represssed, the very last copies of the second pressing are available now. Next month will see three great releases, too: Herr Lounge Corps has teamed up with Cadaverous Condition, Austrian death metal band, to record a full album following their 7" single last year. Hula's Murmur LP will finally be available on CD for the very first time, together with all accompanying singles, as well as Thomas Leer's second archival collection 1982. May and June will be equally busy before we slow down a tiny little bit during the summer months.


We are pleased to announce the imminent release of Tabor Radosti's second album Havamal on CD. More info on the release page. Ticket sales for Klang 25 are great - join us if you can in June 2018 with an amazing line up of Ron Wright of Hula, Simon Crab of Bourbonese Qualk, Zahgurim, Thighpaulsandra, Tabor Radosti, Rapoon, Renaldo & The Loaf, Zea, Eric Random and Non Toxique Lost. Drop us an e-mail for tickets. Festival passes are € 60,- per person. Klanggalerie will of course have a big merch table at the event including all the latest releases. This will also be a great opportunity to have your CDs and vinyls signed by the bands performing. Next out will be Simon Crab's second solo album and Blurt's seminal album Poppycock, for the first time ever on CD. Stock in Sleepchamber's Sorcery Spells and Serpent Charms is getting very low, so please order soon if you want to secure a copy.