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Sorry for Laughing was originally a solo project by Gordon Whitlow of Biota. The only album that ever came out back then has been re-issued by us and is a fantastic album that still sounds a s fresh as it did back then. Now, the group has turned into a trio: Gordon has recorded See it Alone with Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots and Martyn Bates of Eyeless in Gaza. Also helping out are Janet Feder, Patrick Wright and Lethe. Available now including a stunning booklet with art by members of Mnemonists. Renaldo & The Loaf's stunning collaborative effort Hardly Gurning has been available for a week and is selling fast. Tom Cora's collaboration with David Moss, originally released on Fred Frith's Rift Records, has recently seen the light of day, for the first time ever on CD. More titles have been added to the forthcoming section, have a look, so much exciting material coming this year. Stay safe and sane.


We are happy to announce the release of Hardly Gurning While The World Is Turning by Renaldo & The Loaf. The album starts with what was side 4 of the vinyl version of Gurdy Hurding, and add a collection of 13 remixes by friends and colleagues of the band. Detailed info in the catalogue section. The latest album by Non Toxique Lost, Cargo Cult Revival by Tom Cora and David Moss, and the two new CD releases by the Residents are all still very fresh. Check out details for all of them at the individual release pages. Soon to come is the new album by Sorry for Laughing and The Spike by Bourbonese Qualk. While the world is slowly starting to become a bit more normal again, there are still delays with shipping to certain countries. For example, there are still few planes from Europe to the USA, and the French post seems to be still hibernating. And of course, Brexit is problematic for both ends, with import taxes collected in Europe and the UK. We try all we can to avoid this for our UK customers, but sometimes there's nothing we can do. Stay safe and sane.


The fabulous new album by Berlin based Industrial pioneers Non Toxique Lost is out now. As with all of the band's releases, this is a very limited edition. Also out for the first time on CD is the collaboration between cello player Tom Cora and percussionist David Moss. Stock of our new CDs by The Residents is getting lower quickly. Currently, there are still enough copies available, but we suggest not waiting too long to avoid disappointment later. Out next will be the new remix album by Renaldo & the Loaf, and the new album by Sorry for Laughing, consisting of Gordon Whitlow (Biota), Martyn Bates (Eyeless in Gaza) and Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots). June will close with Bourbonese Qualk's album The Spike, it being the fourth in a re-issue programme of the band's albums. Exterior Lux by Jac Berrocal/David Fenech/Vincent Epplay is sold out, as is Chuck's Ghost Music by Charles Bobuck. We have several gigs planned for autumn of this year in Vienna, more details soon. Stay sane.