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Blurt will be performing tonight at Rhiz, Vienna. This will also be the release party for our brand new re-issue of Bullets For You. Also released today is Hula's debut album Cut from Inside, a masterpiece of white funk originally recorded in 1981. Go to the catalogue page to order both titles. The Hula album is also available as a specially price bundle with Nort's solo album. Three boxes of Korpses Katatonik's Oeuvres Completes CDs have been discovered a few days ago, they are for sale in the shop. This much sought after album collects all of the band's recordings and is sold on Dioscogs for twice its price. Last chance to get hold of a copy of this Zero Kama side project. We have two more CDs coming out this year, a French double: Etant Donne's debut album La Vue in a longer version than ever released before and Jean-Jacuqes Birge's and Helene Sage's duo improvisation Rendez-Vous, recorded in 1981 and never released before. Both are of course members of avantgarde collective Un Drame Musical Instantane.


Volume 3 by Carla Kihlstedt & Matthias Bossi aka Rabbit Rabbit Radio is now out. Combine your order with our Volume 2 to get both items (first time ever on CD). Hardy Fox's Rilla contemplates Love is currently out of stock and so is Thomas Leer's 1979 - both should be available again during the first week of December. The next CDs out on Klang will be Hula's debut album Cut from Inside and Blurt's Bullets for you. Both are expected any day now, watch the catalogue to see when they can be ordered. The year will close with Etant Donnes' earliest cassette release La Vue from 1979, first time on CD and a longer version than before, and Helene Sage & Jean Jacques Birge's collaborative album Rendez-vous. 2019 will bring a lot of new releases, starting with Hardy Fox's farewell mini-album to his fans and the debut album by C Cat Trance, never before reissued on CD. We hope you have a nice pre-Christmas time and support our artists by buying Christmas presents from our webshop.


We have four new CDs out this month: the all-new longplayer by Rapoon, Carla Kihlstedt's Rabbit Rabbit Radio Volumes 2 and 3 (both previously available as downloads only) and Renaldo & The Loaf's recording of their first ever live gig in Vienna earlier this year. All are in stock and ready to ship. November will see two more CDs: Blurt's seminal album Bullets for you and Hula's Cut from Inside. Before the end of the year we will also have the first cassette by French experimental group Etant Donnes for the first time ever on CD and an early collaboration between Helene Sage and Jean-Jacques Birge (both Un Drame Musical Instantane). Two items are currently out of stock but are being repressed right now: Hardy Fox's Rilla contemplates Love and Thomas Leer's 1979. Both should be available for purchase again in about a month.