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Two new CDs are in stock: First of all, the very limited and hand numbered new album by Institution D.O.L. - Caeremonia Inferna Vindobonae. The recording of a specially commissioned concert in Vienna in 2015. 200 copies only, when they're gone, they're gone. Secondly, the latest Residents re-issue is out today: Dot Com collects recordings previously available as downloads only. More info oin the individual release pages. Spring is a very busy time here at the Klanga HQ. A new Charles Bobuck CD is in the works, as well as a brand new album by Rapoon. More exciting releases to be announced soon. If you come to Austria's Donaufestival, maybe see you there. Great line-up this year, highly recommended!


The Darkening Scale CD "The Entomolgy of Sound" is now ready to order. It is the first in a series of DS re-issues. DS ist the solo project of David Janssen of Renaldo & The Loaf. Next up are the live album by Institution DOL, The Residents' Dot.Com and Rapoon's Un Flic. Looking forward to them all. In other news, we have not been to the Etor Tenebrae de Profundis festival in Athens, as it turned out to be the worst organized festival of all time. All headliners pulled out, and what was left was mainly some neofolk that we weren't really interested in seeing. Just wish we hadn't hotel and flights all booked. Several earlier Klanggalerie CDs are now out of print: Naevus' Division of Labour, Nocturnal Emissions present The Pump, Charles Bobuck's Missing Soldiers, all Sprung aus den Wolken titels and a few more. Watch out for more release announcements coming soon. Enjoy the spring, if it has arrived yet.


Snakefinger's third album Manual Of Errors is out. As with the other titles, this has been beautifully remastered, and we hadded lots of bonus tracks. Later this month will see the start of the Darkening Scale re-issue series. David Janssen's solo project has previously only been available in digital download form and will finally see the attention it deserves. Not only a must have for Renaldo & The Loaf fans! Klanggalerie will be present at the Etor Tenebrae de Profundis festival, despite the fact that all headliners have cancelled and the line-up is now totally different to what was advertised before. Maybe see some of you there. April will bring Dot Com by The Residents - exteneded with 5 tracks from the Radio Thoreau series. This will be followed up by Ghost Machine by Chrome and Un Flic by Rapoon. Please note that the Sprung aus den Wolken titles are now all sold out.