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We are back from our holidays and all pre-ordered copies of the Swords of Slidell/Later tonight bundle have been shipped. Once more, please accept our apology for the delay. There was nothing we could do about it but wait. As soon as the CDs were here, they were wrapped up in a pack up marathon. Now they're in your local mail's hands. I hope they will deliver them all as soon as possible. Thanks once more for your patience. Back in the office, we are preparing the next releases on Klanggalerie: The Residents' Delta Nudes and Charles Bobuck plays The Residents will be out in September, followed by two very interesting projects: one is the brand new album by Czech occult electro group Tabor Radosti, the other the first European release of Texan IDM project hiroshimabend. Both will be available late October/early November. Work on a couple more Residents/Bobuck projects has also started, we will have news for you next month. In the meantime, keep an eye on the website and enjoy the last rays of the summer sun.


On behalf of TOOK (Hardy Fox & Walter Robotka), let us say we are terribly sorry about the delay in shipping your copies of Swords Of Slidell & Later Tonight. The delay is totally out of our control, we prepared everything early, but a serious illness at our pressing plant and an error in the printing of one of the covers has caused the delay. We are hoping to ship most copies before our holiday from August 31st - for those who need to wait longer than expected, Klanggalerie will throw in a free CD with each order. For the moment, we are not selling the bundle anymore, it is near to being sold out. When we are back and all orders have been shipped, we will offer the last handful of copies (if there are any left). Speaking of holidays. the Klanggalerie office will be closed from August 31 to September 11. All e-mails and orders will be dealt with after our return. Also, the new MB re-issue, Oirt-Emo-Dne will be available then. Soon afterwards, the Delta Nudes collection by The Residents and the Bobuck plays The Residents albums will be made available. Enjoy the late summer.


Summer is here..... but that doesn't stop us. The new Charles Bobuck album, The Swords of Slidell soundtrack, is coming out and you can also buy it in a bundle with the Later Tonight CD single. Both items are part of our new TOOK series - a label created by Hardy Fox with Klanggalerie to release limited edition CDs. Swords is selling incredibly fast and won't be repressed. So grab your copy soon if you want to avoid missing it. Late August will see our new re-issue by the Italian master of dark Industrial, Maurizio Bianchi. Oirt-Emo-Dne is a private tape that has never seen the light of day before that formed the basis for his Endometrio album. Next up will be the new Bobuck album, with Charles playing cover versions of songs by his former band, The Residents, and The Delta Nudes, a collection of pre-Residents music, including 3 bonus track not on the very limited Cryptic CD. More info soon. For now, enjoy the sun.