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We are happy to announce today's release of Antiphonen, an album by Sainkho Namtchylak, Ned Rothenberg and dieb13. All music was improvised live at Music Unlimited Festival last year. A stunning document of the power of free improvisation. More details in the catalogue. Also stillvery fresh is the all-new album by Charles Hayward, Crossfade Estate, plus our Residents Eyeful collection and the collaboratiopn between Czech RiO legend Uz Jsme Doma with Randy, then singer of The Residents. Out next will be the duo of Phil Minton and dieb13, followed by Seventh Soviet Symphony by Konstruktivist. Our office will be closed for a week in August, but until then we will be shipping promptly and luckily the postal services worldwide are working more efficiently again. Enjoy the summer even with this being a challenging time. Stay safe.


Our new Residents and Uz jsme Doma CDs are flying out the doors. Please excuse a delay of a few days in getting them out to you. You have ordered so much that for the first time ever we have run out of cardboard mailers! We expect new delivery on Monday so we will continue shipping then. This also explains why some of you haven't received an order confirmation yet. We are working as fas as we can through the list of orders. Thank you! In the next week we also expect to receive the new Charles Hayward CD Crossfade Estate. An absolutely amazing album. Blurt's Poppycock album is now out of print, as is Eisgang by Asmus Tietchens. We are planning to make a cheaply priced bundle of older titles by Hardy Fox over the summer months so watch this space for further news on this. Stay safe and healthy everyone.


Good news for all you Residents fans: we have two new great items out today: first, the long-awaited collaboration between Czech postpunk legend Uz Jsme Doma and Randy, singer of The Residents, recorded at a one time meeting in Moravia. Second, the never before collected Eyeful album - all the tracks that were released online online by The then residents blog called The Bog. Both can be found on the website in the catalogue section. We have one more exciting item coming up later this month, a new album by Charles Hayward called Crossfade Estate, More news about this when it is available. The postal situation is becoming more normal by the day, but it seems parcels sent anew arrive very quickly, parcels sent during stricter lockdown times are still heavily delayed. Please be patient - your orders should arrive and delays of up to two months are standard. Thanks! July is going to be the month for friends of free improvisation with two albums recorded live in Austrria and other locations around the globe: vocal acrobat Phil Minton teams up with turntablist dieb13 on one; dieb13 plays with Siberian throat singer Sainkho Namtchylak and Ned Rothenberg on the other. Stay safe.