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We have two fantastic new CDs out - first, the debut album by The Tapeworm Vessel - another side-project of David Janssen, best known as Ted The Loaf from Renaldo & The Loaf. Secondly, the first ever album by British Industrial pioneers Konstruktivists - The Last Moments of 1923 was originally a cassette and came out before A Dissembly. It is until today Glenn Wallis' favourite Konstruktivists record. Coming later this month will be Nort's solo album (another Hula side project!) and the earliest music by British art rock legend Officer! Something to look forward to, more info on those soon. In the meantime, all our Thomas Leer albums have sold out, copies will still be available at various distributors (and also at the Thomas Leer and Robert Rental exhibition in Scotland). Stock on Rapoon's Waiting By The River is extremely low, also not too many copies left of Sorcery, Spells and Serpent Charms by Sleep Chamber. Other than that, enjoy the summer heat (or the winter cold if you happen to live at the other end of the world).


The wait is over! Section 25's brand new album is out and ready to ship. It's an album full of pop tunes that represents how the band sound today. Extensive booklet included. All pre-ordered copies have been posted so expect delivery within the next few days. Next up will be Konstruktivists's debut album The Last Moments of 1923 and David Janssen's second Renaldo & The Loaf side project The Tapeworm Vessel. We expect to have both in stock in about 2 to 3 weeks. August will see the release of two early albums by British art rock legend Officer! on one CD. We are also adding new exciting projects to our list of forthcoming releases, among them not only a live album by Renaldo & The Loaf, presenting their Klang 25 performance, but also a live album by the legendary Zahgurim who played their first gig since 1989 at our festival. Another exciting release will be Sorry for Laughing, a side peoject of avantgarde veterans Mnemonists/Biota.


Summer is here but we won't slow down. Lots of projects are planned for the hot months..... the first one will be the brand new studio album by UK postpunk legend Section 25. Ordering starts on July 10th so watch this space for further announcements. Next up will be two albums that have been announced for a while and will finally see the light of day: Renaldo & The Loaf's David Janssen with a second side project called The Tapeworm Vessel and the long overdue first album by British Industrial legend Konstruktivists called Last Moments Of 1923. In August we hope to have Nort's (Hula) solo album for you, plus maybe an as-yet unknown second release. We'd like to remind you also that as of today there is one Renaldo & The Loaf M T-shirt available, this will be the last one ever, no reprint. Grab it while it's available in the catalogue.