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Some good news during these difficult times.... the previously unreleased second album by Eric Random & Free Agents is available from today. Please visit the order page for further details. Next week will finally see the Legendary Pink Dots' Kleine Krieg on double CD. It will be made available together with Edward Ka-Spel's newest solo album An Abandoned Laboratory Vol. 3. Several great CDs are at the pressing plant right now: we are waiting for Hardy Fox's album Killing Time, Non Toxique Lost's S.O.T.A., Section 25's Duette live recording and Officer's fourth album Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes, also first time ever on CD. May will then see C Cat Trance's second album Khamu, Marc Hurtado & Pascal Comelade's collabrative album Larme Extreme and Alien Brain's Mental Disorders, first time on CD, and originally released 40 years ago. Other than that, stay safe and don't forget to listen to good music.


We hope you're all safe and healthy during this surreal and exceptional time. Vienna is in lockdown mode but the good news is that the post is still working - and so is Klanggalerie. We would very much appreciate if you decided to support us by keeping buying our releases. Maybe also a time to look at our huge back catalogue? Every order helps to keep us going. But the back catalogue isn't everything..... next week we expect to have the new releases by Edward Ka-Spel and his Legendary Pink Dots in stock. We will post the news here as soon as the CDs have been delivered. In the meantime, maybe you'd like to get that CD that you've wanted for a long time but never came around to ordering. We have so many incredible artists in our "available" list that it won't be hard to find something that you'll like. Stay safe and healthy and don't go out. Listen to all the great music now.


We are happy to announce that the brilliant album Summing by Zea & Oscar Jan Hoogland is available from today. Head over to our shop to grab your copy. We are leaving for Arctacts Festival in Tyrol later today, maybe see you there. When we return, the next two albums out will be the first ever CD re-issue of The Legendary Pink Dots' classic Kleine Krieg and a new CD of Edward Ka-Spel solo recordings. These will be followed by the so far unreleased second album by Free Agents, the phenomenal group around Eric Random that only released one album on Groovy Records in 1980. Our concert promoting agency Liccht has arranged gigs with several artists associated with Klanggalerie: Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire/Wrangler will play on Friday, 13th March, also playing will be Modell Doo. On March 26th we will have Blurt, on April 11th Eric Random, on May 8th Zea. Blaine L. Reininger will play his only show outside Greece on May 27th, Jac Berrocal / David Fenech / Vincent Epplay perform on June 11th, and Etant Donnes present one of their rare live shows on September 10th.