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Today is release date for our two new Residents CDs: Anganok and Beautiful Eyes. Both were originally download only releases, and both have been remastered for these re-issues. Combine an order for the two and maybe you want to browse through our huge catalogue to see what else is interesting. The recently published French Gigs album by Lol Coxhill & Fred Frith might be interesting to Ralph Records fans, too. And maybe there's the one or the other title by The Residents, Renaldo & The Loaf, Snakefinger, Fred Frith or Blaine L. Reininger that you don't own yet. With these two new CDs, our November schedule is complete. December will bring the new Kodax Strophes/Martyn Bates album, Elliott Sharp's 5th installment in the Metaguitar series, and the brand new longplayer by Eric Random. On a different subject, Vienna has gone into lockdown mode again, so all concerts announced for this months have either been cancelled or postponed. The gig by Charles Hayward has been re-scheduled for January 28. Stay safe everyone.


The wonderful collaborative album by Fred Frith and the late Lol Coxhill is out! Originally released in the 1980s on France, this new CD edition adds several bonus tracks to the vinyl edition, and also to a subsequent CD version. As usual, this was mastered by Myles Boisen. Next up will be two never-before-on CDs by The Residents - Anganok being a download only release that has never been available on a physical sound medium before. Our edition presents the track in three versions, one of them from Hardy Fox's archives and never heard before outside the Cryptic vaults. Artwork by Pore Know Graphics. The second CD is Beautiful Eyes, an online-only collection of music, several tracks of which have been exclusive to the release. This is the first time this album is being released on CD. December will see our final three releases for 2020: Elliott Sharp's fifth collection of outstanding guitar compositions (Metaguitar 5), Martyn Bates' (Eyeless In Gaza) new project Kodax Strophes and the all-new long player by Eric Random entitled No-Go. More info on these soon. Stay safe everyone.


We are happy to announce that today the third album by French trio extraordinaire Jac Berrocal, David Fenech and Vincent Epplay is out. This third stunning collaboration comes in a similar 4 panel digipack to fit the series' design. It was mastered by Noel Summerville again. Still fresh are the Storm Bugs' debut album, first time on CD, and the duo of Susanna Gartmayer and Christof Kurzmann. The Covid situation makes it more and more complicated to arrange concerts for international bands in Vienna, still we are hoping we will be able to invite Zea, Josef van Wissem, Kollaps, Charles Hayward and Suso Saiz. Time will show what is possible. For Klanggalerie, we have six more releases planned for 2020: two Residents albums (Anganok and Beautiful Eyes), French Gigs by Lol Coxhill and Fred Frith, No-Go, the all-new LP by Eric Random, and Kodax Strophes, the new project by Eyeless in Gaza member Martyn Bates. All very exciting. Stay safe everyone.