Digital Download


We are very happy to be able to present you the CD version of the phenomenal album Ice Exposure by Jac Berrocal, David Fenech and Vincent Epplay. Originally released as a vinyl LP only on Blackest Ever Black, this CD contains two previously unreleased bonus tracks not on the original album. We are hoping to present this outstanding trio live in Vienna this summer, watch this space for further news. Yesterday saw the best Vienna concert ever by Legendary Pink Dots, with fantastic extra music by Hiroshimabend to open the evening. Next up will be the demo archive collection by Robert Rental, again, this has originally been collected on a vinyl LP, this is the first CD version, and again, we have added several bonus tracks for your listening pleasure. Three albums by Eric Random are now out of print, namely Man Dog, Ishmael and Words made Flesh. A new CD of Eric with the Free Agents will be out this spring, and a CD full of brand new tunes by Eric will follow later in the year.


We are happy to announce the release of the second album by Bourbonese Qualk, Hope. This is the first time this record is available on CD. Like Laughing Afternoon before it, it includes several bonus tracks. In other news, we have formed an organization in Vienna for promoting concerts here. As well as bringing Klanggalerie acts, we also book bands on tour. The company is called Liccht, you can follow us on Facebook. First act this year was Agent Side Grinder, to be followed by Legendary Pink Dots in February, Blurt and Stephen Mallinder in March, and then Eric Random, Old Time Relijun & Zea and Big Brave in spring. February will continue to be an exciting month at Klanggalerie with not only the aforementioned Bourbonese Qualk CD, but also Robert Rental and the trio of Berrocal/Fenech/Epplay. Watch this space for further announcements.


January is here and so is the first of our wonderful releases for this year. The follow-up to Michael Cashmore's Doctrine album, The Doctrine of Transformation Through Love 2. It features guest vocals by Little Annie and can be ordered through the website now. A couple items from the catalogue have gone out of print early this month: Hardy Fox's 25 Minus minutes and the tribute album to his genius, The Godfather of Odd. The latter is still availble as a download from bandcamp. We have many exciting project coming uop in the next few weeks: Un Drame Musicale's L'Homme a Camera, Bourbonese Qualk's Hope, Jac Berrocal/David Fenech/Vincent Epplay's Ice Exposure and Robert Rental's 1980 Demos are all coming out until the end of February, followed by the Legendary Pink Dots' Kleine Krieg, Edward Ka-Spel's Abandoned Laboratory 3 and Eric Random's early project Free Agents in March. Watch this space for further announcements.