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We have two fantastic cover albums of Residents material out: the first one is Stuck Bad, The Darkening Scale's version of The Residents' Duck Stab EP. (TDS is of course, David Janssen of Renaldo & The Loaf's side project). The other is The 180Gs a cappella version of The Commercial Album. All 40 songs, no instruments, only voice. Both can be ordered from the shop. In other news, there's one more album to come out this month, namely Denis Frajerman's beautiful new longplayer Wastelands/Lawrence of Arabia. April will see the new album by former This Heat co-founder Charles Hayward and the third step in the Hula re-issue programme, Voice. Stock on Hardy Fox's swansong 25 Minus Minutes is getting low. One pressing only, when they're gone, they're gone. We have made the edition big enough to give everybody a chance to get a copy of this unique document that Hardy recorded only a week before his untimely passing. Also quite fresh is Blaine L. Reininger's soundtrack album Mädchen in Koffer. It's an album full of songs, and was released as a TOOK meaning one edition only.


Hardy Fox and Walter Robotka started the TOOK label originally for more obscure Hardy Fox albums.... we planned to extend the roster to other musicians that were connected with The Residents, but never got around to doing so during Hardy's lifetime. Now Klang are very happy to give you the first TOOK release by an old colleague and friend of Hardy's: Blaine L. Reininger of Tuxedomoon and his soundtrack album Mädchen in Koffer. Only available here, distribution only if copies are left after they are sold here. Hardy's farewell album 25 Minus Minutes is selling very fast, not too many copies are left, so don't hesitate much longer or they will all be gone. March will see three new releases: Denis Frajerman's new solo album (Palo Alto member) Wastelands/Lawrence of Arabia will be out towards the end of the month, and a little sooner we will have two Residents cover albums: The Darkening Scale's Stuck Bad (Duck Stab cover) and The 180Gs' a cappella version of The Commercial Album with liner notes by Homer Flynn. Stay tuned.


Today is the release date for Hardy Fox's unique mini album 25 Minus Minutes. He recorded it only one week before his untimely death, in the form of an audio diary. As this is not a commercial release, we present it is a limited edition TOOK CD, meaning you can get it only directly through us and not to the usual outlets worldwide. Feel free to combine your purchase with some of our other lovely releases. 1923 by Konstrukktivist is now sold out, and stock on Eric Random's Words made Flesh is very low. Next up is another TOOK release: Blaine L. Reininger's soundtrack Mädchen in Koffer, combined with other orphan tracks, should be able around February 25th. Keep an eye on this page to see when it can be ordered. We have added Didi Bruckmayr to the line-up of our Klang 50 festival, he will perform together with Jean-Jacques Birge. This will be the first time these two artists join a stage. And finally, we are happy to announce that we are working with Broken Silence distribution for Europe now. This will make it a lot easier for you to find our releases in your nearest shop.