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We have four new CDs out this month: the all-new longplayer by Rapoon, Carla Kihlstedt's Rabbit Rabbit Radio Volumes 2 and 3 (both previously available as downloads only) and Renaldo & The Loaf's recording of their first ever live gig in Vienna earlier this year. All are in stock and ready to ship. November will see two more CDs: Blurt's seminal album Bullets for you and Hula's Cut from Inside. Before the end of the year we will also have the first cassette by French experimental group Etant Donnes for the first time ever on CD and an early collaboration between Helene Sage and Jean-Jacques Birge (both Un Drame Musical Instantane). Two items are currently out of stock but are being repressed right now: Hardy Fox's Rilla contemplates Love and Thomas Leer's 1979. Both should be available for purchase again in about a month.


Hardy Fox, composer for The Residents, fantastic solo musician, wonderful human being and a very close personal friend, is dead. This is an incredibly sad day. Rest in peace, Hardy. Love you forever.


We are happy to announce the release of Renaldo & The Loaf's live album "Long Time Coming". Recorded at the Klang25 festival in Vienna in June of this year, this performance was the band's first ever showcase of their songs on a stage. Now the official document of this unique evening is out and what an amazing album it's become. Available also as a bundle with the live show by Zahgurim who played their first gig in 19 years in Vienna, for a very reduced price. At the same time, the new album "Little Rocketman and the Planet that moved" by Rapoon is out. It is Robin Storey's comment on the political situation of this world and is classic rhythmic Rapoon music. The third album out today is Rabbit Rabbit Radio Vol. 3. Originally a download only album by Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi, these phenomenal songs are available on CD for the first time now. Go and get them all.