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Laughing Afternoon is the start of a re-issue programme of Bourbonese Qualk albums. This debut is available now with three bonus tracks not available on any vinyl version. Go to the shop to get a copy. Also still very fresh and flying out the doors here is the tribute to Hardy Fox, The Godfather of odd, with exclusive tracks by many of his contemporaries and friends, but also some admirers. August will see the release of Fred Frith's first solo guitar album since 1981's Live in Japan, and the second installment in our re-issue series of early Etant Donnes cassettes for the first time ever on CD. Stock on several items has become very low, Rapoon's Un Flic, Helios Creed's On The Dark Side of the Sun, Eric Random's Time-Splice, Kula's Tenement Noise, Eric Random's Man Dog, Graf & Zyx' Programmmusik 2 and The Residents' Dot Com are closed to being sold out. Enjoy the summer and listen to good music as always.


Happy sweating to all fellow Europeans. July 1st brings a very special album - The Godfather of Odd, a tribute to the late Hardy Fox with exclusive tracks by many of his friends and some of his admirers. You can grab your copy now from the shop. Also new in our available catalogue are the wonderful Charles Hayward album Begin Anywhere and Michael Cashmore's The Doctrine of Transformation Through Love 1. Have a look at what else is available. Some items are very low on stock, Long Time Coming by Renaldo & The Loaf is down to its last few copies, also Rapoon's Un Flic is near sold out. As often in the summer we send out extra goodies to many of you - enjoy the bonus music and let us know if you like it. Next this July will be the debut album by legendary UK group Bourbonese Qualk, Laughing Afternoon. Enjoy the summer and listen to good music.


We are happy to announce the return of the brilliant Michael Cashmore! Best known for being co-composer of the best works of Current 93, Michael has recently undergone a personal transformation which has also had considerable influence on his music. Check out his new album and prepare yourself for a surprise! Available in the shop now. Still brand new is PAL TV by The Residents, first time ever on CD, and the wonderful Sorry For Laughing album by Gordon Whitlow who is a member of legendary US art collective Biota / Mnemonists. Browse through our catalogue, many great albums are waiting to be discovered. DDAA's Pourriture Cubique album is now sold out, and stock on Un Flic by Rapoon is very low. July will bring the Godfather of Odd compilation, a tribute to the terribly missed Hardy Fox and the first installment in our Bourbonese Qualk re-issue series, Laughing Afternoon. We have recently signed lots of new deals, have a look at our forthcoming section. enjoy the summer.