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Completing the February releases is Hardy Fox's great album Chuck's Ghost Music. Originally the music for a DVD, then re-issued as a small-run CDr, this excellent release is finally getting a proper CD release. It was remastered by Hardy Fox himself and sounds better than ever. Still fresh are our two other CDs from earlier this month: L'Etoile au Front, the third album by French avantgarde legend Etant Donnes, and Half Dead Half Alive by Joke Lanz (of Sudden Infant) and Ute Wassermann, vocalist extraordinaire. Check out all our news in the catalogue section of this website. We are hoping that summer will bring back the possibility to promote live shows... many great acts are in planning stage; those that are already confirmed for the second half of the year are Charles Hayward, Föllakzoid & Old Time Relijun, Priest, and The Legendary Pink Dost for early 2022. Let's see when we can start and what's possible. We can't wait. Stay sane.


We are happy to announce that the third album by French avantgarde legend Etant Donnes, L'Etoile au Front, is being released on CD today. We have added a bonus track not on the original album. Grab your copies from the shop. Following later in the month is Chuck's Ghost Music by Charles Bobuck aka Hardy Fox. March will see the all-new album by Rapoon, In these ancient Times, as well as the re-issue of the second and third album by UK synth pop duo Atomizer. Spring will also see two more releases by The Residents, El And Del Muerto and Morning Music, a collaboration between Swiss singer Saadet Türköz with a South African ensemble, the new album by Biota side-project Sorry for Laughing, featuring Edward Ka-Spel and Martyn Bates, a remix album by Renaldo & The Loaf, and a lot more. Stay tuned for further information and stay sane.


When Joke Lanz and Ute Wassermann performed at Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf in 2019, we were so impressed by their set that we immediately afterwards agreed on releasing their gig on CD. Finally now here it is. An astonishing mix of exceptional vocals with all that turntablism can achieve. Available from the catalogue. Some older items have gone out of print: the 2 disc edition of Title in Limbo by The Residents and Renaldo & The Loaf, Stephen Mallinder's and Ron Wright's project Kula, Herr Lounge Corps & Cadaverous Condition's Breath of a Bird and Helios Creed's On the dark Side of the Sun are all sold out. Copies will most likely be still available through our distributors, but our stock has gone. Next week will see the release of the third album by Etant Donnes for the first time on CD, followed later in the month by the brand new Rapoon album In these ancient Times. Exciting times indeed. Stay sane.