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The new year starts with a bang at Klanggalerie. We have three new albums out, and a fourth one in the works: first, the third albumy by legendary French avantgarde ensemble Un Drame Musical Instantane is out, and secondly a brand new album by German electronic group Non Toxique Lost. The third new item is the collaboration between Hardy Fox, formerly of The Residents, with Fred Frith, composer, improviser, virtuoso; A Day hanging dead between Heaven and Earth. First started 25 years ago as a Residents/Frith project, this album finally sees the light of day. It brings together the best of both worlds. On a different note, Thomas Leer's 1979 compilation is now out of print. Watch out for the next step in his historical archive re-issues, 1982, to be released soon by Klanggalerie.


Klanggalerie congratulates Hardy Fox for making Musique Machine’s BEST of 2017 list three times. #3 - Bobuck’s Nineteen-Sixty-Seven - #8 - Residents’ Ghost of Hope - #19 - Residents’ 80 Aching Orphans. Coming soon: Fred Frith / Hardy Fox - A Day Hanging Dead Between Heaven and Earth Hardy Fox - Hardy Fox


We are approaching the end of the year..... we hope you all had a good one and wish you all the best for 2018! I guess the biggest news for next year is our 25th anniversary celebration with 9 fantastic live bands on June 15 & 16 in Vienna. Playing live will be Simon Crab, Zahgurim, Zea, Tabor Radosti, Ron Wright, Rapoon, Eric Random and Renaldo & The Loaf - this being their first show ever (if you don't count the short appearance 38 years ago). One more band to be announced in January - until then you can get tickets for early bird price. Simply drop us a mail and we will invoice you. Something else new in 2018 is that we have to raise our prices by a €. CDs are now € 17 including world wide shipping. We apologize for this but our prices have been the same for a decade and it's now time to adapt to higher costs in shipping and production. We think this is still a very fair price for all of you. Double CD prices will stay the same. Next out is Un Drame Musical Instantane's third album which will be available in the first week of the New Year.