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Please raise a glass of a good wine to our beloved Hardy Fox who died on this day one year ago. He is being missed every day. His latest release, Black Tar and the Cry Babies, is out now. Get it in the shop. In release news, Hula\'s album Shadowland is now in stock and can be ordered from the website. It also includes the Black Wall Blue 12\" and has, as usual, been remastered by Martin Bowes of Attrition. Stock on David Harrow\'s The Succession is getting very low. The Klang 50 event was a huge success - I\'d like to thank all the musicians who performed: Denis Frajerman, Das Fax Mattinger, Job Karma, Jean-Jacques Birge & Didi Bruckmayr, Andrew Liles & Brian Poole and Section 25. Photos of the event can be seen on our gallery page. We are putting the finishing touches on the Refused CD by The Residents, clocking in at an incredoible 18 versions of the song, several previuosly unrelased on CD. Watch out for news and enjoy the autumn.