Digital Download


We have 4 new albums out this month: Rapoon\'s brand new longplayer, \"Little Rocketman and the Planet that moved\", Rabbit Rabbit Radio\'s previously download-only albums Volum2 and Volume 3 and Renaldo & The Loaf\'s recording of their only ever live show in Vienna earlier this year. All four are in stock and ready to ship. Next up will be Blurt\'s \"Bullets for you\" and Hula\'s \"Cut from inside\". Also coming this year is Etant Donne\'s first cassette for the first time ever on CD and a very early collaboration of Helene Sage and Jean-Jacques Birge (both Un Drame Muiscal Instantane). Also, TOOK no 5, a special good-bye recordoing from Hardy Fox to his fans. Hardy Fox\'s \"Rilla contemplates Love\" and Thomas Leer\'s \"1979\" are currently out of print but are being repressed as I type this. We expect to have both back in stock towards the end of the month.