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MICHAEL CASHMORE The Doctrine Of Transformation Through Love I

CD album | gg284
Michael Cashmore is an English composer and musician currently living in Berlin. He has created music under the name of Nature And Organisation since the early '80s and more recently (2006) under his own name. He is widely known as being the composer of the most seminal albums of legendary post industrial group Current 93 during a 25 year period, he has also worked with, and wrote music for, Nick Cave, Marc Almond, Anohni (Antony and the Johnsons) Tony Visconti, Bill Fay among others. During the last 2 years Cashmore has been undergoing a process of personal Transformation which has also caused a Transformation of his work, Michael has also been using his music itself as a tool of Transformation in return. His new album "The Doctrine Of Transformation Through Love I" is the first part of a series of works that will document Cashmores personal Transformation from 2017 onwards. The music here is now very experimental, electronic, melodic and could be seen to have a dark connection to techno. The album features vocals and text by Cashmores current collaborator, Lithuanian born Occultist and enigma Shaltmira, and as a strong contrast to the rest of the album the last track features a simple melodic song with the legendary English singer songwriter Bill Fay. This album is a an eternal journey through darkness, space and loneliness through Love into light ... The album comes with a 4 page booklet with all new artwork from Cashmore and consists of 13 tracks. Full tracklist: 1. The Gateway To All Understanding 2. Perception Should Not Influence Perspectives 3. Before The Crown There Lies Thorns 4. Do Not Be Consumed By The Concept Of Death 5. There Is A Way Out Of The Dark Forest 6. We Are All Responsible 7. Physical Life Only Happens Once, Transform Now! 8. Healing Sonic Medication 9. The Sacred Revolving Formula Of Opposites 10. The Swallow Flies Free And Formless 11. Conscious Transformational Mantra 12. The Doctrine Of Love And Opposites 13. Lean Upon The Light. Price: € 17,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.