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CD album | gg289
The Sorry For Laughing album was released in 1986 on cassette only. It is a project by Gordon H. Whitlow who is also a member of legendary US avantgarde collective Biota, formerly Mnemonists or Mnemonist Orchestra. Whitlow composed and recorded the album all by himself,.The accompanying artwork for the original cassette release was made by several members of Biota. Sorry For Laughing has a different sound though. It is more varied, there are elements of post punk as well as elements of contemporary classical music. Somehow though you can hear Biota in there as well. Les Disques du Crepuscule is in the air. After all, the idea was to make a Christmas album. Whitlow says that when he lived in Colorado and worked in a bakery a homeless drifter used to come to the shop and buy the same stuff every day. With Christmas approaching, he interviewed the guy and got his Biota mates involved. Piano parts were recorded at a wealthy house-sit in Denver, others at Mulberry Street Studio, home of Biota's Bill Sharp who also co-produced the album. A most interesting album that's been lost for a long time. We are glad to bring it back into the world, remastered by Martin Bowes of Attrition. Full tracklist: 1. That's The Spirit 2. For Kafka 3. I And The Burning Village 4. March Of Tin Soldiers 5. The Dancing Figure 6. Stars Fall In The Ocean 7. Despite Your Silence 8. Our Procrustean Bed 9. The Nails 10. The Last Breath 11. It Doesn't Matter, It Was Beautiful. Price: € 17,/copy incl. worldwide shipping.