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La Fièvre Verte
Rangé Des Voitures


CD album | gg290
Un Drame Musical Instantané were founded in 1976, featuring Jean-Jacques Birgé, Bernard Vitet and Francis Gorgé. Their aim was to promote collective musical creation, co-signing their albums, which they consider as artworks in themselves, or their live shows which they tried to renew every time they played. Their sound was created with many influences: They borrowed their sources from rock (synthesizer player Birgé and guitarist Gorgé, both authors of the album, Défense de); jazz (trumpeter Vitet who founded the first free jazz band in France, together with François Tusques, as well as Michel Portal who played with many American and European jazzmen); classical modern music; as well as movies or world news; they were the first in France to give a new impetus to live music on silent movies. After having improvised freely for many years, they led a fifteen piece orchestra from 1981 to 1986, and from 1989 onwards they produced multimedia shows (live video remix on a giant screen, fireworks, choreographies). Still their music was the most important technique, they called their recordings "blind cinema". The Drame used to mix acoustic and electronic instruments in real time as well as original instruments built by Vitet (a reed trumpet, a multiphonic French horn, a variable tension double-bass, a giant balafon with frying pans and flower pots keyboard, a fire organ, plexiglas flutes, etc.). After Francis Gorgé left the band in 1992, Birgé and Vitet went on recording and producing with other musicians close to the "family" such as percussionist, Gérard Siracusa, or multi-instrumentalist, Hélène Sage. Un Drame Musical Instantané always remained independent (they always owned their own recording studio and record label GRRR) and stopped its activities in 2008, with Birgé being the only one active until this day. Carnage was the band's 6th album, released in 1985 on their own GRRR label. It sees the band back to their most famous trio format consisting of Birge, Gorge and Vitet. Full tracklist: 1. La Fièvre Verte 2. Les Gueules Cassées 3. La Bourse Et La Vie 4. Rangé Des Voitures 5. Cabine 6. Le Téléphone Muet 7. Passage A l’Acte 8. La Bourse Et la Vie (Original Mix). Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Une œuvre sombre, violente dans ses vociférations et le choix de Gorgé d une guitare contondante sur un morceau tendu comme Rangé des Voitures aux paroles écrites par Birgé lui-même. Une des rares incursions d UDMI dans la chanson, néanmoins troublée par toutes sortes de trouvailles sonores. La dimension cinématographique de l orchestre, renforcé ici par des invités très portés sur les images (le percussionniste Youval Micenmacher, ou encore Michèle Buirette, la maman d Elsa Birgé, à l accordéon).
(Citizen Jazz, January 2022)

The album is a perfect example of their unique approach. Their narrative and inventive music still impresses 35 years later and sounds fresh and lively. Take, for example, the track Le Telephone Mue’. It has spoken word, dialogue, environmental sounds, abstract electronics, acoustic group playing. No matter the sound source - a cough by a person, an orchestral passage, a weird electronic generated sound - it is all assembled in a very well structured musical whole a narrative character.
(Vital Weekly, February 2022)