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Sweet Thames Run Softly

DENIS FRAJERMAN Wastelands / Lawrence Of Arabia

CD album | gg292
Denis Frajerman started as composer in the French experimental Band Palo Alto. With a strong interest in literature and orality as a musician, he collaborates regularly with storytellers and writers for radio sessions, oratorios, or records.
 Strongly linked to the work of Antoine Volodine, his first solo album, Les Suites Volodine was directly influenced by his writings. They both share a taste for haunting atmospheres, black humor, witchcraft. Volodine and Frajerman also worked on creations, Des Anges Mineurs, post-exotic oratorio composed for six musicians, singer, narrator, dancer and videographer and Vociférations, cantopera for eleven musicians, ordered by the Radiophonic Creation Workshops of France Culture. Frajerman is also composer of soundtracks for contemporary dance, object theater, animation, short films, documentaries and has developed in recent years as a guitarist an approach to this instrument influenced by folk music from Greece and rural blues of the southern United States. On Wastelands/Lawrence Of Arabia he is accompanied on drums, cello, violin, keyboards, clarinet, saxophone and percussion. This beautiful album will appeal to anyone with an interest in the French avantgarde: Ptose, DDAA, Palo Alto, UDMI or Catalogue to name just a few. Included are two cover versions, one of a Minimal Compact song and one by Amon Düül II. Full tracklist: 1. Neither Living Nor Dead 2. Sweet Thames Run Softly 3. Speak To Me 4. Connect Nothing With Nothing 5. Clock Bird 6. Las Delicias 7. Express 8. Captain Nemo'Death 9. Nostalgy 10. Rainbow Sky Abyssinian 11. Choleoptia 12. Melancolia 13. Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Straße 14. Orient. Price: € 17,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.