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Pascal Comelade was born in Montpellier, France. After living in Barcelona for several years, he made his first album, under the name of Fluence, influenced by electronic music and by the group Heldon. Since 1980 Comelade releases music under his own name. Ever since, his music has become more acoustic and is often characterised by the sounds of toy instruments, used as solo-instruments or as an integral part of the sound of his group, the Bel Canto Orchestra. Marc Hurtado is one half of the experimental French duo Étant Donnés. Active since the end of the 1970s, the group has released several albums, also collaborating with people like Alan Vega, Lydia Lunch, Michael Gira or Genesis P-Orridge. Hurtado has also released several solo albums under his own name, again collaborating with various artists, and has toured with Lydia Lunch celebrating the music of Suicide. Larme Secrete is the first time that Comelade and Hurtado have collaborated. Larme Secrete is the sound of an electric shock , the sound of two hearts beating at the same rhythm, united in the pulsating and hypnotic music of Pascal Comelade melted in the fire of the celestial poems of Marc Hurtado. Synthesizers, guitars, drums, organ, piano, sound loops, whispering, flying, screaming voices transport you in a blazing sonic dream." Full tracklist: 1. Eclair 2. Infini 3. Eté 4. Or 5. Cri 6. Larme 7. Etoiles 8. Spirale. Price € 17,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Il n est finalement pas étonnant de voir Pascal Comelade délaisser, le temps d un album, ses expérimentations sur la répétition instrumentale pour livrer Larme Secrete, jouissif exercice invoquant, de par ses synthétiseurs déformés et inarrêtables, Suicide (le morceau Été reprenant même directement la mélodie de Ghost Rider). L occasion, forcément, de livrer un remarquable travail au chant, entre cris presque révolutionnaires et chuchotements insidieux.
(Les Inrockuptibles, May 2020)

These two anti-heroes of early alt-music have produced a darkly aggressive, very French post-punk record, and now its all I want to listen to.
(The Moderns Blog, May 2020)

Marc Hurtado (la moitié du duo Étant Donnés) et Pascal Comelade ont enregistré un magnifique album Larme Secrete, qui vient de sortir chez KlangGalerie. Une musique vraiment hypnotique et puissante, avec une belle rencontre entre la musique de Comelade et les poèmes célestes d Hurtado. On retrouve Olivier Brisson à la batterie sur ce titre Larme qui donne son nom à l album. Idée de mixage: le gimmick de ce morceau s enchaine parfaitement avec Dead Los Angeles des Stranglers.
(David F Presents, May 2020)

Its not difficult to see the influence of Suicide on the collaborative effort of Comelade and Hurtado. Especially in the first three songs, almost spanning half the album, this influence is clear. The driving rhythm of repeating grooves on an organ, minimally repeated over and over, and Hurtados obsessive/obsessed voice are the templates inspired by Vega and Rev, also known as Suicide on their first two albums and maybe comparing the two favours the original. However, the other five tracks are just a bit different. In Or, the piano pipes up, and Hurtados voice is full of drama (and reverb and delay), along with added screams, while Cri has an Arabic influence and Larme is akin to The Doors, including guest drums by Olivier Brisson, which can also be said of Etoiles, but now with repeating riffs on the keyboard and the bass lines. The voices are multi-layered and sound beautiful and spooky. Strings bring an end to the album in Spirale.
(Vital Weekly, June 2020)

Po drugi strani se je moral Pascal nekoliko bolj prilagoditi oziroma vrniti daleč nazaj, praktično v sedemdeseta, ko je še snoval elektronsko glasbo pod vplivom francoskih veteranov Heldon. Kasneje je našel svoj izraz predvsem v igranju na otroška glasbila ali kar igrače, skupaj z naivnostjo pri samem skladanju in izvajanju. Glasba na Larme Secrete je še vedno dokaj preprosta, repetitivna in pulzivna, in obenem odprta za vokalne izpade obeh protagonistov. Psihotična in nemirna sta. Stalno v pripravljenosti za naslednji izpad. Izbor glasbil je širok, a vedno usmerjen v isti cilj.
(Rockorobje Magazine, June 2020)