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In Substance And Principle
Luminous Spectra
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CD album | gg483
Michael Fischer is a musician, composer andinstant composition conductor.He works on the immanence of language within sounds, their sculptural and dramatic evidence, on the tenor saxophone, the violin, on cd-player setting and conducted instant compositions, in improvised and experimental music / noise / soundscapes. Collaborations in literature - focus experimental poetry, dance, performance, installation, video. Next to his long standing collaborations such as duo Bagg*Fish with drummer Marcos Baggiani, Michael Fischer launched the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra in 2004. Since then he has elaborated an individual hand-sign practice / instant composition conducting, similar to Butch Morris conductions. As instant composition conductor he works for international improvising orchestras, temporarily large ensembles and choirs. Since 1999 he has been connecting the electro-acoustic phenomenon feedback with his sax playing thus developping the feedback saxophone. Crowd reactions at his solo shows are enthusiastic so we are proud to finally present you a solo album by this unique composer and performer. Full tracklist: 1. In Substance And Principle 2. Luminous Spectra 3. The Foundation Began 4. As The Ends Of Heaven Meet 5. Within The Starry Skies 6. Splendor Arrives 7. Sevenfold Vision Reveals 8. Broad Path 9. To Eternity 10. Out Of Silken Veils. Price: € 19,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Mit Feed Back Saxo Fone lüftet er den seidenen Schleier der Maya, so dass in spektralen Licht da wo die Enden des Himmels sich treffen der breite Pad in die Ewigkeit sichtbar wird. Durch den Klang des vor 25 jähren entwickelten Feedbacksaxophons, der weit weg von Adolphe Sax und John Coltrane als elektroakustische Percussion dongt und klappert, in rhythmisierten Loops und Stufen. Wie das wippt oder surrend braust, flattert, zerrt, heult, wie geht das mit bloßem Mundwerk?
(Bad Alchemy, July 2024)