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RAPOON My Life As A Ghost

CD album | gg49
"My Life As A Ghost" brings together two of Rapoon's most brilliantly developped skills: on the one hand you have his classic ambient tracks, skilfully created and with an atmosphere that only he can achieve. On the other hand, Robin has created a lot of beat orientated tracks that range from dancefloor to more experimental. Finally, the all-new Rapoon CD and what a killer album this is!

Storey has drawn on all kinds of familiar musical forms - Trance on the Rhiz album, Ambient on The Kirghiz Light, Drum & Bass on Cold war and more - but he retains the appealing ability to make music subtly removed from its immediate influence. (On My Life As A Ghost,) found voices drift through the mix; grainy loops revolve and shiver; the music expands and contracts, systole and diastole, with slow, ectoplasmic motions."
(The Wire, December 2004)