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GAL Hinaus:: In den, Wald

CD album | gg52
In 1986, SPK's Graeme Revell released an album entitled "Necropolis, Amphibians and Reptiles". The recordings were based on the work of Swiss art brut artist and mental patient Adolf Wölfli. Some 15 years later, Austrian composer Bernhard Gal used Wöfli's poems as the basis for a sound installation at modern art museum Essl near Vienna. Now, in 2004, Klanggalerie are proud to present you a CD version of this outstanding composition. There are male and female voices bordering between meaning and non-meaning, footsteps and field recordings. Headphone listening highly recommended! If you need comparison think Robert Ashley, Paul De Marinis or Trevor Wishart.

In Hinaus:: In den, Wald, Bernhard Gal has based his sound art composition on the Art Brut work of Adolf Wölfli... He advises the use of headphones, which gives the listener the feeling of inhabiting Wölfli's mind."
(The Wire, July 2004)