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CINDYTALK Transgender Warrior / Guts Of London

7" album | gg62
Cindytalk is a band from the UK that has been active for over twenty years. In the 1980´s their fantastic albums like "Wappinshaw" or "Camouflage Heart" were released on Midnight Music, in the 90´s mastermind Gordon Sharp concentrated more on his DJ activities and his other project Bambule. Now, in the new millennium, we are proud to present you a new Cindytalk release with another change in style. Noisy tracks that build up atmospheric soundscapes which need deep listening to be understood in their full beauty.

The sound of bowls being scraped in deep space describes the textural aura of the latest release by Old School UK experimentalist Cindytalk. Transgender Warrior is a satisfying cascade of metallic whooshes that sound as though they were emanating from the core of a dying star."
(The Wire, December 2004)