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DELAYER Could We Feel...? / Agnus Deo

7" album | gg72
Delayer is the new sound project by Andy Eardley, once a member of Zoviet France. Andy was also responsible for Horizon 222 together with Ben Ponton and for Ingleton Falls. On this 7" you get two rhythmic pieces, different from his album on Pretentious, but also with a meditative quality.

Andy Eardley from :zoviet*france: has emerged from the darkness with a great single done under the name of Delayer. 'Could we Feel' has one side featuring some of the smokiest dub electronics I've heard in a while, but the other side is the real corker - a combination of chorale voices and percussion in deep night :zoviet: style. It sounds totally fine."
(The Wire, February 2005)