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IF, BWANA Bird Brain Bath

7" album | gg83
Al Margolis aka If, Bwana (It's funny, but we are not amused) is a composer who also runs the excellent Pogus Productions label in the USA. On this 7" you have two separate works entitled "Bird Brain" and "Bird Bath", both exactly 8 minutes long. Played simultaneously, they create a third piece, "Bird Brain Bath". The sound is wonderful modern electro acoustics in the line of Robert Ashley, Tom Hamilton, David Behrman or Alvin Lucier.

This new (If, Bwana) record is a wonderfully creaky slab of experimental noise high jinks. Using bird song, blasts from a virtual air rifle, keyboards and dweezly effects of all sorts, Margolis creates two funny and exciting soundscapes that'll make you think of those days you spent longing for a few blank Maxells of your own."
(The Wire, February 2005)