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It's February 3rd and we already have our first February release ready for you: Nocturnal Emissions (UK) have teamed up with Barnacles (I) for an album of gerat dub-influenced songs. Full information can be found in our catalogue page. Three days ago, we released the great album An Die Freude by Ain Soph. It's a recording of theirs concert in Vienna in 2021 and presents songs from the band's whole career. Next up will be the second volume of Alieno de Bootes' cover versions of The Residents songs (a TOOK limited edition only available from this website) and the debut album by Dynasti, a group made of members of The Legendary Pink Dots, Kapotte Muziek and Trepaneringsritualen. The Dots are currently on a European tour and will stop in Vienna on February 20th. Three days earlier, The Residents will perform at legendary club Flex. And don't forget we have our 30th anniversary party in June 2023, with new line-up additions announced soon.


We are happy announce the release of An die Freude by Ain Soph. Recorded in Vienna in October 2021 at a concert that also featured Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand, this sees Ain Soph in top form. (The gig by Der Blutharsch was also recorded and is also available from our shop.) This completes our January news, with Agnel Lanz Vatcher's Animals CD released a couple weeks ago and Wallpaper by Hardy Fox released earlier in the month. (The latter being available in standard edition, but also a limited edition with a CD EP.) These are Dreams by Rapoon is still very fresh, as is the second album by free jazz supergroup Skein (who will be on tour in spring).The 5th album by Bourbonese Qualk, self-titled, is getting low stock here at headquarters. Also, Hope is close to being sold out here. Klanggalerie CDs are currently also available at The Residents' merch stall during their European tour 2023, stopping in Vienna on January 17th. They will be followed by The Legendary Pink Dots who play three days later on January 20th. Join us if you are in the area.


We are happy to announce today is release date for the great trio CD by Sophie Agnel, Joke Lanz and Michael Vatcher, entitled Animals. A great free jazz album recorded in France and with a brilliant cover by Lasse Marhaug. Wallpaper by Hardy Fox is still very fresh, and we still have copies the bundle with the Hotel California EP, which is only available from our website directly. Before that, we had the all-new album by British artist Robin Storey aka Rapoon and the large ensemble Skein. Next month, our partner organization Liccht will organize concerts by The Residents and The Legendary Pink Dots. Join us if you are in the area, or if you prefer to see The Residents perform in a rock venue to a theatre. We have one more item coming up this month, a recording of the great concert by Italian legends Ain Soph in Vienna last year. More info soon and don't forget to mark your calendars for our 30th anniversary celebration in June.