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The first part of our release of the full Wonder of Weird demos by The Residents is out and selling very fast. Grab your copy while supply lasts. Volume 2 will be out late in December. We have several new items out besides this one, namely 1000 Hours by Hula, Paragraphs and Principles by Officer!, Xenolith by Elliott Sharp's Bootstrappers and Ptomaine 1 by Asmus Tietchens. Stock on several albums by Hardy Fox is getting low: Eggs for Breakfast is nearly sold out. Egg Booty is down to its last box. Jams from the Bardo by Section 25 is sold out here at source, but copies are available through all our usual outlets. Alien Brains is also sold out. Due to Vienna being in shutdown mode again, we had to cancel the concert by The Burning Hell. We have one more event left this year, but only time will tell if it will be possible to see someone live on stage again this year. Stay safe and get vaccinated.


Finally, after a recording time of over two years, the all-new album by Officer! is out now! It is a collection of songs centered around ideas and arrangements by legendary composer Cornelius Cardew and features a stunning line-up of contributors. Details can be found in the catalogue section. Also out now is the brand new album by Bootstrappers, Elliott Sharp, Melvin Gibbs and Don McKenzie. A fantastic trip through rock'n'roll and jazz, and Elliott Sharp's unique guitar sound. Ptomaine 1 by Asmus Tietchens is still very fresh, as is 1000 Hours by Hula, completing our re-issue programme of this seminal Sheffield group. Stock on a couple of Charles Bobuck albums is getting low, namely Nineteen Sixty-Seven and This. For both, we have recently opened the last box. Several items have gone out of print: S.O.T.A. by Non Toxique Lost, Egregor by Tabor Radosti and Live at Klang 25 by Zahgurim. Copies can still be found at our usual distributors. Stay safe.


Ptomaine 1 by Asmus Tietchens is out now. Together with Gather Love by Elizabeth S, Musical Education by Joke Lanz & Dieb13 and Hula's 1000 Hours, this completes our October 21 releases. Out next week will be the brand-new album by British group Officer!, followed by Xenolith by Elliott Sharp's Bootstrappers and later in the month The WOW Demos 1 by The Residents. Our recent concerts have been a blast, more is to come (Old Time Relijun and The Burning Hell in November). Stock on Musical Education by Joke Lanz & Dieb13 is getting low here at the Klang headquarters and Larme Secrete is out of stock here. Both titles are widely available by all our worldwide distributors though. Corvid figures are on the rise again worldwide, let's hope we won't get into lockdown mode again during the winter. Stay safe and sane.