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The brilliant new collaboration between two turntablists, Joke Lanz and Dieb13, is out now. A stunning 40 minute improvisation recorded live in Vienna last year. Check out details in the catalogue. Yesterday saw a fantastic concert evening in Vienna organized by Liccht, starting off with Der Blutharsch and the infinite Church of the leading Hand, and followed up by the one and only Ain Soph from Rome. Watch our for some Ain Soph music soon to be released on Klanggalerie. The Asmus Tietchens album Ptomaine 1 is also out today, it was originally released on RRRecords on triple vinyl. Soon to come is the first part of our Wonder of Weird demos by The Residents, a double CD with the first electronic versions of the rehearsals, to be followed by the more advanced demos including voice and guitar, another double CD coming in December. Exciting times!


We are happy to announce that the last step in our Hula re-issue programme has been completed. 1000 Hours is out today, an album half live and half studio. More details can be found in the catalogue section. Also out is the stunning duo of two turntablists, Musical Education, a collaboration by Joke Lanz from Switzerland and dieb13 from Austria. Two different styles creating something very unique. These will be followed up by Ptomaine 1, the first half of a re-issue of a 3LP set by Asmus Tietchens, originally out on triple vinyl on RRR. Volume 2 will follow next year. Elizabeth S, continuous Eyeless in Gaza collaborator, has also just released her debut album on Klanggalerie, Gather Love is music by a very unique voice, again details can be found in the catalogue section. Enjoy browsing and stay well.


Back from our holiday from the Baltic Sea and we have some great news to announce: the first album by long-time Eyelss in Gaza collaborator Elizabeth S. is out now. Details are in the catalogue section. Carnage by UDMI is still very fresh. Last weekend, Jac Berrocal, David Fenech and Vincent Epplay played an amazing concert at Donaufestival in Austria. It was lovely to meet up and talk about the forthcoming 4th album. Lovely also to see Rodrigo Amado in Berlin. Coming up next on Klanggalerie will be our three October titles: Hula's double album 1000 Hours, a new collaboration between two outstanding turntablists: Joke Lanz and Dieb13, and Asmus Tietchens' phenomenal loops album Ptomaine, first part. All these should arrive here within the next 3 weeks. November will be full of highlights: a new album by Elliott Sharp's Bootstrappers, the WOW demos by The Residents, and Paragraphs & Principles, the all-new album by Officer! Watch out for further news.