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And here we already have our final releases for 2023 - trying to avoid shipping too close to Christmas, with parcels being lost in large numbers, we have all our December items in stock now. In addition to John Edwards' solo bass album Just Another Day At Home, we now also offer the first ever re-issue of Get's - an album grins't Nait that was originally released on cassette only, and Sun Comes, the all-new album by supergroup Sorry for Laughing, consisting of Gordon whitlow of Biota, Martyn Bates of Eyeless in Gaza, Edward Ka-Spel and Patrick Wright of Legendary Pink Dots and guitar player extraordinaire Janet Feder. All of these, together with the November releases and all available back catalogue, can be found in the catalogue section of this website. A few items are close to being sold out: Hardy Fox's Rilla Contemplates Love is down its last 2 copies. Alieno de Bootes II is down to the last handful. John Avery's Nighthawks has 3 copies left and PAL TV by The Residents is now sold out. Enjoy the pre-Christmas season and stay well and happy.


We have two new items available from our website: November's third release, a recording of the Hastings of Malawi concert in Vienna earlier this year - the band's second ever show after a 38 year gap. And then the first December release: John Edward's album of solo double bass, Just Another Day At Home. Details for both can be found in the catalogue section. Renaldo M's first ever solo album, They Blessed the Body breadcrumbed is still very fresh, as is Sam's Enchanted Evening by The Residents. Enjoy browsing! The re-issue of The Lo Yo Yo's album and cassette, Extra Weapons, is now sold out from us. You can still find copies through our usual distribution partners. Puna by Rupp-Kneer-Fischerlehner is also gone, as is the collaboration between Francisco Meirino and Jerome Noetinger. Coming up next will be the 4th album by supergroup Sorry For Laughing and Get's, the first ever re-issue of the cassette album by Geins't Nait. Greetings from the snow.


We are happy to announce that two solo albums by Sutcliffe No More members, Paul Taylor and Kevin Tomkins, are available from today. Kevin's album is a reconstruction of his performance in Vienna in summer 2023, Paul's album is a very personal affair and a very dark ambient album. Get both from the catalogue page. The new Sutcliffe No More album, Normal, was released by us early in 2023 and is still available with rather few copies left. Add it to the solo CDs if you haven't bought a copy yet. The MB/Nisi Quieris album that came out a few months ago is now sold out at source, copies are still available from our distributors though. Asmus Tietchens' cassette called Große Statik and released under the pseudonym Club Of Rome in the 1980s has recently been re-issued by us and is available on CD for the first time ever. Next up will be Hastings Of Malawi's live in Vienna album, followed by Geins't Nait's Get's, John Edwards' Just Another Day At Home and Sorry For Laughing's new album Sun Comes.