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The Klanggalerie office will be closed from Saturday 8th of June to June 22nd. We will be in Berlin and then on holiday, with a short trip to the office in between to ship your orders. Please expect slight delays, but max 1-2 days, we will sure to take care of everything. After our return, around June 25th, there will be three new items: The Asmus Tietchens + Alice Freshmouth CD, Serries Amado Lisle for the free jazz fans and the collaborative album by Barnacles with Vonneumann, coming in the standard edition and also a very limited special edition, including a comic book and a remix CD with contributions by Geins't Nait and Philip Sanderson. Watch this space for the first update after our return. In the meantime, the Sorry for Laughing album Remember You Are An Actor has sold out here, you can still find copies through our usual distribution channels. This Friday we will present the Mozo Mozo CD live at Celeste, Vienna, with Christian Reiner and Lukas Koenig also playing. Drop by if you are in the area!


We are deeply saddened to hear about the death of Scattered Order's Michael Coffey. We were fortunate to meet him many years ago, what a lovely person and gentle soul. Rest in peace.


We are happy to announce the release of two new titles today: first, the fifth volume in our Étant Donnés re-issue series entitled Cinq Portes Soudees, an album that came out originally on cassette on the Bain Total label run by Die Form. The other is the debut album by Mozo Mozo, a group you will love if you are into Blurt or The Flying Luttenbachers. Detailed info in the catalogue section where you can also find the new solo saxophone album by Michael Fischer, called Feed Back Saxo Fone, released a week ago only. The Mozo Mozo album will be presented live at Celeste, Vienna, on June 7th. The Michael Fischer album launch will take place in Vienna, too, date to be confirmed. Next up will be our three June titles: Asmus Tietchens + Alice Freshmouth, Dirk Serries Rodrigo Amado Andrew Lisle's first trio album, and the Barnacles & Vonneumann CD, which will also be available as a special edition complete with bonus remix album and a comic!