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We are happy to announce the release of Un Drame Musical Instantane's album Carnage. This is the first time this album is available on CD, and as with our other UDMI re-issues it comes with previously unreleased bonus material. Check out details in the catalogue section. We have also just returned from Artacts 21 festival in Tyrol. Susanna Gartmayer, Elisabeth Harnik and Ingrid Schmoliner all performed with various ensembles, photos can be found here on the website. As usual, thanks to the team there. Maybe the best festival of all. Please note that the Klanggalerie office will be closed the second half of September as we will be on holiday. All orders coming in before September 18th will be shipped before our departure. We have also got some great gigs coming up: Saadet Türköz with DD Kern, Joke Lanz with Ute Wassermann, KGB and Charles Hayward. Maybe see you somewhere there.


We are happy to announce the release of the first ever duo album by German saxophonist Frank Gratkowski and Austrian pianist Elisabeth Harnik. An incredibly powerful record, recorded during the lockdown and later at Klangspuren festival in Austria. More info in the catalogue. This item completes our August news - Fil OK and Severed Heads are still very fresh. Rapoon's fantastic In These Ancient Times CD is now on very low stock. You can still find it through all our usual distribution channels. Coming next is Carnage by Un drake Musical Instantane, and Gather Love, the debut album by Elizabeth S., long time collaborator with Eyeless in Gaza. Also, a duo of two extraordinary truntablists, Joke Lanz and Dieb13. Watch out for further news. The Zea concert last week was an amazing experience, the next gigs being Also, Joke Lanz & Ute Wassermann, Saadet Türköz with DD Kern and Charles Hayward. Stay safe and enjoy the summer while it lasts.


And here comes August release number 2: Fil OK's dance pop album Aeromantic. Fil is a member of Atomizer so you know you'll get first class synth pop from him. More details in the catalogue. Still fresh is Living Museum by Severed Heads, Australian cult band and electronic music pioneers, and also Jams from the Bardo, an archival Section 25 collection presenting music that was recorded during the early days of Factory Records, but never released before. The next Klang live show in Vienna will be Zea, singer of The Ex, and break-pop solo act, supported by Austria's The Good Force, a side project of 80s New Wave band Chuzpe. After this, Charles Hayward will play a solo show in September, as well as an improvising jazz double bill consisting of two duos: Joke Lanz & Ute Wassermann will present their album Half Dead, Half Alive, and Swiss-Kazakh singer Saadet Türköz will improvise together with Austrian drummer DD Kern for the first time. Join us if you are around.