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We are happy to announce today is release date for the 5th album by Bourbonese Qualk (self-titled). More details in the shop. Mysterious Kitchens by Severed Heads and friends is still very fresh, as is Vlus, the all-new album by Berlin underground group Non Toxique Lost. French Gigs by Lol Coxhill and Fred Frith is sold out here at source, with copies still available from our distributors network. Also, Long Time Coming, the level album by Renaldo & The Loaf is sold out here, and a few copies remain available from the usual outlets. Coming up next is another TOOK release, an album of covers of Residents songs by South American artist Muni Aprile. This will be followed by the next step in our Un Drame Musical Instantane re-issue programme, Les Bons Contes Font Les Bons Amis. August will also see volume 6 of Elliott Sharp's Metaguitar series out, as well as the new album by Michael Begg, a dark ambient/drone work. The next Klang releated live gig promoted by our agency Liccht will be The Burning Hell in September, as well as The Residents early in 2023.


Happy to announce that Mysterious Kitchens, the compilation by legendary Terse Tapes from Australia, ia available now. Billed as a compilation, it was in fact a group of friends around Severed Heads, who got together to invent several pseudonyms. Never before available on CD, this is a true gem for all lovers of this legendary electronic group. Still fresh is also the latest album by Berlin Industrial legend Non Toxique Lost, Vlus. Recent releases include the new album by supergroup Sorry For Laughing, the new solo album by Legendary Pink Dots mastermind Edward Ka-Spel, and the piano/guitar duo by Fred Frith and Annie Lewandowski. In other news, French Gigs by Lol Coxhill and Fred Frith is now out of print. Copies will still be available elsewhere. There are a few copies left of Subterranen Modern, which was already listed as out of print, but a last box was delivered with another CD, so grab this opportunity before it's too late. They won't last too long.


The brand new album by Non Toxique Lost, Vlus, is out today. As usual, it is a very limited edition that is only available directly from us. Grab a copy before they are all gone. Out next will be Mysterious Kitchens album around Australian cult band Severed Heads, followed by another step in our Un Drame Musical Instantane reissue programme, and volume 6 of Elliott Sharp's I Never Metaguitar series. In other news, French Gigs by Lol Coxhill and Fred Frith is now sold out at source. Copies will still be available from our distributors but won't probably last very long. The next concert organized by our organization Liccht takes place in Vienna on July 14th with Kommando and Genevieve Pasquier live on stage. Join us if you are around. More news to follow soon. Enjoy the summer and stay healthy.