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:ZOVIET FRANCE: Music for a Spaghetti Western

CD album | gg111
This previously unreleased album by the legendary :Zoviet France: was recorded around 1985/6 at 5 Wingrove Road, Newcastle. Band members present were Robin Storey, Ben Ponton and Paolo di Paolo. It is one of the best works the band have ever produced and quite a miracle that an audio cassette of the recordings has survived. Storey has carefully mastered the CD trying to preserve the original sound and has also provided original artwork which was made around the time of the recording sessions. An absolute must and a totally overwhelming album.

'ZF explore the imagined ceremonial music for non-existant cultures bringing chiming strings, hand percussion, breathy flutes, and extended vocalizations to a dark kaleidoscope of tape loop machinations and multiple delay pedals. (...) With almost their entire catalogue in limbo, any new recordings are a reason to rejoice, and recordings as beguiling as these are certainly most welcome indeed.'
(Aquarius Records, September 2005)