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More than a decade after :zoviet*france: members Robin Storey (Rapoon), Mark Spybey (Dead Voices on Air) and Andrew Eardley (Delayer) left the band, the three have teamed up for a new group: Reformed Faction is a 21st century version of this important group with a unique sound that combines the old :zoviet*france: style with modern technology and a fresh wind blowing from the North of England. Track list: 1. We Are Like Angels Falling Down 2. Raadio Yan 3. Snapper Bird 4. Fall Angels Fall 5. Blake's Particulars 6. Base-Denial 7. Reactionaries-Paper Tigers 8. The Gideon Bomb 9. True To Your Kind 10. Tempest Lull 11. To Know The Numbing Frost 12. We Are Like Fallen Angels. Price: € 8,-/copy incl worldwide shipping. .

The semblances of a revitalised aesthetic are evident: a ghostly ambience crafted from dubbed bagpipes; multiple loops of gut-string plucks falling in and out of phase; and fragmented shakuhachi wafts swaying along a current of shortwave hum."
(The Wire, August 2006)