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Nothing Remains

THOROFON Maximum Punishment Solutions

CD album | gg121
After the re-release of "Final Movement", we are now giving you Thorofon's debut album for the first time on CD. Released originally in 1997 on the Stateart label, we are adding the Littleton 7" from 1999 for enhanced listening pleasure. Thorofon have often been called a German version of SPK; however their sound is totally unique. Their roots lie in classic Industrial from the 1980's but the band around Daniel Courtman and Genevieve Pasquier add a very specific Thorofon note to their music. Track list: 1. Masked God 2. Nothing Remains 3. Examination 4. Stunde Null 5. Punished By Blindness 6. Mafia Murder Victim 7. Nick.R Deathritual 8. Strike Hard 9. Maximum Punishment Solutions 10. Final Movement 11. Fearless 12. Waste Species 13. Littleton Ouverture 14. Drilled To Kill 15. Trenchcoat Mafia 16. Americalends. Price: € 17,-/copy incl worldwide shipping.