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SLEEPCHAMBER Sorcery, Spells And Serpent Charms

CD album | gg132
After a break of over ten years, Sleepchamber (new spelling!) are back! We are proud to present you the comeback album of one of the most influential bands from the American Industrial scene. John Zewizz presents the new band line-up with a stunning collection of classic SC musick. The album belongs to the band's abstract dark ambient side but also has a few musical surprises. "Captured Spirits, spells, white horns and halos, white wings, black wings an a tail dimension ov fascination. You are who you made yourself or who you want to be. Destines are planned and maintained. Fate iz accepting that choices & change iz unobtainable. Enclosed dreams and dimensional ortals reveal audio that welkums entrance to secret and sorcery and charms turned spell." Track list: 1. Philtre 2. Sorceress 3. Thundernail 4. Cobra Charm 5. Beyond The Exterior 6. 23 Steps 7. Ravens Eye 8. Datura Dream 9. Henbane 10. Sweet Dreams Sweet 11. Neither - Neither 12. Kaos Invokation 13. Sleep Sigil. Price: € 17,-/copy incl worldwide shipping. Very low stock.

Initially covering the dark ambient side of their music with odd processed and slowed down spoken vocals that sound drug-induced and unintelligible, the feeling is demonic and disorientating. Things change however with "Thundernail" which maintains an element of swirling psychedelic tendencies and weird possessed voices but this time lightens the mood somewhat with a simple looped beat. Continuing the theme of looped electronics but adding an Indian or Eastern influence is the appropriately titled "Cobra Charm", a track with a certain hypnotic quality brought through the use of Eastern chanting, flutes and simple looped rhythms. "Beyond the Exterior" is again quite simple in structure but instead has a rock feel with repetitive drumming matched with a discrete dark ambient backdrop and whispered vocals that would benefit from a toning down of the rhythms to reveal the tense eerie ambience lurking beneath. Confusing things further is "23 Steps", a track which is basically a slightly off tune piano loop with very quiet whispered vocals deep in the mix."
(Connexion Bizarre, August 2009)

Lange Zeit war es ruhig um das berüchtigte S/M-Projekt SLEEP CHAMBER aus Amerika und da kommt die neue Veröffentlichung unter dem nun zusammengeschriebenen Namen fast einem Comeback gleich. Die genauere Prüfung der Titelliste ergibt aber eher den Eindruck einer Compilation, denn die insgesamt 13 Tracks stammen aus der Zeitspanne von 1986 bis 2008 und sind mehr der rituell- ambienten wie instrumentalen Seite des Projektes zuzuordnen. Trotzdem klingt das Material angenehm homogen und erinnert an seine große Zeit Ende der 80er bzw. Anfang der 90er. Düster brodelnd und geheimnisvoll wispernd kriecht der Sound einer gefährlichen Cobra gleich aus den Boxen und verbreitet eine okkulte Atmosphäre voller Ängste und Beklemmungen."
(Black, October 2009)