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Lord Sumo
Instant Truth


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Before starting Nocturnal Emissions, Nigel Ayers had a band called "The Pump". They released two cassettes in tiny editions only, and some tracks were recently included in the Vinyl-on-Demand NE box set. Now, we are proud to present you the collected works of this Nocturnal Emissions blueprint for the first time ever on CD. Carefully remastered by Nigel Ayers in 2009, this collections shows the many different sides to The Pump. Classic Industrial meets Avantgarde, hints of TG and the Cabs are there, and it's clear how these tracks lead to what was later to be "Tissue of Lies". Track list: 1. Inner Riot Cola 2. Lord Sumo 3. The Eleven Thousand Year QC 4. Earth Vows 5. Ration Eyes 6. Futures Unlimited 7. Instant Truth 8. Slangy Policies 9. Bats Fist 10. I Wanna Be A Living Dead 11. In A Box 12. Unsoiled Nukes 13. Is It Something I Said? 14. Creaky Plug 15. Saturday Night Disease 16. Dream Television 17. Take Off All Your Clothes 18. Dame Uptown Syrup 19. The Beast With Five Fingers. Price: € 8,-/copy incl worldwide shipping.

For Nigel Ayers the systematic derangement of the senses has never been enough. From the beginning of his career he has sought nothing less than the total disarrangement of reality. Using slowed down voices, sludgy bass, noisy analog synthesizers, guitar and weird effects, these unorthodox statements from his first band sound as if they were made in an atmosphere of cerebral discord. Conventions of musicality are thwarted in favor of shoestring arrangements gelled together by intuition rather than adherence to preconceived formulas. Traversing terrains that range from the psychotropic to psychotic, the collected works of The Pump make for an artifact that is not easily pigeon holed, not now, and probably not in the late 1970s when the group first formed with his brother Daniel Ayers and the late Caroline K. (...) Some of these songs were included on the Nocturnal Emissions "Lest We Forget" 4xLP+7" set from Vinyl-On -Demand that came out in 2008. This disc however includes all the material released by The Pump and is thus a perfect edition for the serious collector."
(Brainwashed, April 2010)

Nocturnal Emissions were noisy, but a long way from the artfully manicured noise of Throbbing Gristle with all those swirly bad acid trip sounds, more like grating urban cacophony roughly bolted into a shape resembling music, or at least art - just a racket at first, but after two or three plays it begins to sink in, just as you hear music in the automated rhythm of machines if you work long enough in a factory. It's often more like something channelled than composed - the diseased consumer spirit of western society, the true noise which reveals Second Annual Report to be a Pink Floyd album at heart; and it all started here with The Pump, remastered and reissued, which is nice as I never got around to buying the cassettes at the time. Some of it sounds a little more basic than Tissue of Liesor Fruiting Body, presumably having been originated on cassette recorders, but it's very clearly derived from the same fountain of filth. This is a weird and outstanding collection."
(Wax Cylinders of Excitement, December 2013)