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NON TOXIQUE LOST Chrrroooooom !

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NTL are one oft the most important bands of the German Industrial scene of the 1980's. Most of their albums were released as cassettes only - six of those can be found on this CD. All material here has never seen a release outside these tapes: "Made on Cuba", "NTL", Rekonstruktionen", "Tavo Ctas Esna", "Ware11" and "Wladiwostok 111984". Compiled by Sea Wanton, this CD is filling an essential gap in the band's discography. Very harsh Industrial sounds from the Golden Age of German 1980s, traces of Einstrzende Neubauten and Sprung aus den Wolken. A perfect companion to the SBOTHI CD released in October this year - both featuring Achim Wollscheid.

'Chrrroooooom!' is not a specific re-issue of an old release, but rather a selection ('best of'?) of pieces from six different tapes. This is more 'pop' music than say, well, S.B.O.T.H.I. Non Toxique Lost owes more to Throbbing Gristle than to Pierre Schaeffer if you get my drift: lots of rhythm machines, piercing synthesizers, sequenced loops, obscure vocal bits and all such like, making it very much indeed something like Throbbing Gristle in their best days. Quite a coherent collection, which makes you want to search blogosphere for me. Nice stuff, a small revelation."
(Vital Weekly, February 2011)