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She sleeps
Perrier, Mildew, Loganberry


CD album | gg161
R.B. Russell is a British author of weird and supernatural fiction, and he also runs the fabulous Tartarus Press imprint. What a lot people don't know is that Ray also makes wonderful music. "Ghosts", his debut album, presents a selection of tracks composed and arranged by Russell himself. Vocals for a number of tracks are provided by the incomparable Lidwine whose poignant voice is the perfect complement to the music. Altogether, this is an album of haunting songs from ambient to rock, with both vocal and instrumental tracks. Guitar and piano creep in, in a ghostly manner, and sometimes a rhythm kicks in, only to disappear again... This is very melancholy, very evocative music. The CD was also available as a set with R.B. Russell's brand new book of the same name. Track list: 1. Ravissante 2. Ghosts 3. Vermiculation 4. Perrier, Mildew, Loganberry 5. Love (It Is There) 6. She Sleeps 7. Llanfihangel 8. Floating Upwards 9. Bleed 10. Poppyhead 11. Abiding 12. Harrow And Wealdstone. Price: € 8,-/copy incl worldwide shipping.

Großteils instrumental, mitunter aber auch wunderschön von Sängerin Lidwine intoniert, bietet Ghosts eine Hör-Reise zu dunklen Orten, angesidelt irgendwo zwischen Neofolk und Soundtracks zu imaginären Filmen, glasklar produziert von Andrew Liles. Sehr empfehlenswert!"
(MFG, June 2012)

A perfect fit to R.B. Russell‘s book, this soundtrack is quite a delight. The most captivating piece is, oddly enough, the one with not a single electronic bit in it, the piano-driven ‘Llanfihangel’. If you are unsure about a soundtrack like this working for a book, start with this one.
(Sloucher, September 2013)