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Skeleton Music

RENALDO & THE LOAF Behind Closed Curtains / Tap Dancing In Slush / Rotcodism

2CD album | gg193
So folks.... after the deluxe editions of "Struve & Sneff" and "Songs For Swinging Larvae" we bring you the holy grail for RATL enthusiasts. The first ever release of the 1978 recordings: the "Tap Dancing In Slush" EP and the "Behind Closed Curtains" LP. Both were recorded as Plimsollline, a short-lived entity that just predated the adoption of Renaldo and the Loaf as the band's title. Arguably, the spirit of what would become RATL is very evident in this work but be prepared for some surprises as well. We know this is already more than enough to whet your appetites, but being generous we are giving you even more: a full CD of recordings entitlted "Rotcodism". These contain the earliest recordings by Renaldo & The Loaf and show a totally unknown side of the band. We recommend you order quickly if you don't want to miss out on this gem. Often called The English Residents. Tracklist: 1. Niot Cudortni 2. Catch! 3. Robot Tango 4. Cast Iron Smile 5. Skeleton Music 6. For Jane 7. Ode Clone 8. Duo Dance In H Flat 9. Kelp 10. Vile Bodies 11. Zing Went The Strings 12. Brittle People 13. Dada Smoothed 14. Segment One 15. Segment Two 16. Ex-Directory 17. Segment Three 18. For Jane (Part One) 19. Segment Four 20. Ecnad Oud 21. City Rhythm 22. Thursday Matinee 23. Robot Prelude 24. Jungle Bowels. Price: € 22,-/copy incl worldwide shipping.