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RENALDO & THE LOAF Behind Closed Curtains

LP Vinyl album | gg193-2
The first ever release of the 1978 recording "Behind Closed Curtains" on LP. Recorded as Plimsollline, a short-lived entity that just predated the adoption of Renaldo and the Loaf as the band's title. Arguably, the spirit of what would become RATL is very evident in this work but be prepared for some surprises as well. Limited edition re-leased by Secret Records under license from Klanggalerie. Very limited stock available. Tracklist: 1. Niot Cudortni 2. Catch! 3. Robot Tango 4. Cast Iron Smile 5. Skeleton Music 6. For Jane 7. Ode Clone 8. Duo Dance In H Flat 9. Kelp