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Square One
In Between Home And Dry

CHAKK Clocks And Babies

CD album | gg194
Chakk existed between 1981 and 1987. Their first single, "Out Of The Flesh", was recorded with Richard H. Kirk at Cabaret Voltaire's Western Works studio and mixed and engineered by Alan Cross, a member of the band who had studio training. Chakk's original sound was centred around Cross' four track tape machine, some home built echo and effects boxes and a small mixing desk. They had always believed that the most important instrument a band could use was the studio itself. The first album by Sheffield electro funk group Chakk was originally released as a cassette by the band themselves in 1982. Personnel for this album: Mark Tattersall (also drummer for Cabaret Voltaire on various recordings), Mark Brydon (also in Moloko, Hula), Sim Lister (also in Heights of Abraham), Alan Cross (DJ Alan X). This early recording, unheard by most people until today, presents a much jazzier and funkier Chakk than later Fon releases. It could be compared to early Clock DVA. There's also a lot of Cabaret Voltaire here, some Hula, also some Industrial music. The album is one wild ride of styles and sounds. It's a fantastic document of its time, and at the same time a timeless and brilliant piece of music. Carefully remastered for this first digital release. Tracklist: 1. Caught In Your Face 2. Frame Of Behaviour 3. Scratch - Being Sick Pt. 2 4. God's People 5. Salestalk 6. Square One (Back Two) Hip Hop... Trippity Trip, Down The Stairs... Rippity Rip 7. In Between Home And Dry 8. Mother Tongue 9. Picking Blooms With Aunty Offal - "How Many Times Have I Told You?" 10. Shut Down 11. Peeking Through Your Belly Button Air Air More Air Cut Your Way Out Get The Bus 12. Clocks And Babies. Price: € 16,-/copy incl worldwide shipping. Low stock.