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Angels of Difference
Touch My Screen

THOMAS LEER From Sci-Fi To Barfly

CD album | gg202
Thomas Leer needs no introduction. His album "The Bridge", recorded with Robert Rental,and released by Industrial Records in 1979, is a classic of its genre. One year earlier, he put out his first solo single "Private Plane", a classic until today that was the blueprint of what was later to become synth pop. In 1985 Thomas left the indie scene and signed to Arista Records. He released an album called "The Scale of Ten" which is full of beautifully arranged pop music. Two years later he formed the duo Act together with ex Propaganda singer Claudia Brücken, releasing an album and several singles, being signed to ZTT Records. After the band's split, Leer released two more records, the first being an experimental album of beats without vocals, the second being "From Sci-Fi To Barfly", which came out as a download release only. Klanggalerie are now proud to present you this little heard gem for the first time ever on a physical CD. The record is full of beautiful pop songs, reminding of "The Scale of Ten", with an added bar jazz flavour. Tracklist: 1. Angels Of Difference 2. Where've You Gone 3. Missing By Miles 4. Get A Grip 5. Paths Of Least Resistance 6. Touch My Screen 7. The Metropolitan 8. Diamond Bill 9. Monterey 10. Bachanalia 11. Blood Of A Poet. Price: € 17,-/copy incl worldwide shipping.

Thomas Leer ist ein schottischer Musiker, der 1979 zusammen mit seinem Landsmann Robert Rental das legendäre Album „The Bridge“ auf dem Throbbing Gristle-Label Industrial Records veröffentlicht hat. Diese Platte gilt nicht zu Unrecht als ein Klassiker der experimentellen elektronischen Musik. (...) Im Gegensatz zu seinem Kollegen Robert Rental war Thomas Leer im Anschluss wesentlich produktiver, wenn auch eher in poppig-eingängigeren Gefilden. (...) Musikalisch würde ich das Ganze als Easy Listening Electronica Calypso Bar Jazz etikettieren und beim letzten Track „Blood Of A Poet“ hat sogar Charles Bukowski einen (gesampleten) Gastauftritt.
(Black Magazin, May 2016)