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Smelly Tongues
Easter Woman

THE RESIDENTS FEAT. SNAKEFINGER Live in the USA 13th Anniversary Show

CD album | gg204
The 13th Anniversary Show was The Residents' second tour. It started in 1986 and took them to America, Europe, Japan and Australia - this recording is from Minneapolis, USA. Guitar player and band mate Snakefinger had become a regular addition to the live line-up. The Residents performed a set of music of nearly all their releases up to then: Meet The Residents, Duck Stab, Fingerprince, The Big Bubble and of course their brilliant cover versions of "This is a man's world" and "Jailhouse Rock". There are many different recordings of these performances; live in Japan, live in Holland, live in the USA. The Minneapolis show was first released as a double cassette only, and later re-issued by UWEB as a double CD. It is a complete recording of that show, and to add some more to your listening pleasure Klanggalerie have added a bonus track: an early and very raw version of "Kaw Liga" was presented live in Europe at the 13th Anniversary Shows. The whole recording has been carefully remastered, and the songs are now indexed individually. The beautiful Rex Ray artwork has been adapted to fit a slim double digipack. This release is one of the most sought after items in The Residents' catalogue. This is your chance to fill a gap in your collection. Grab it. Keywords: Charles Bobuck, Randy Rose. Tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Lizard Lady 3. Semolina 4. Hello Skinny 5. Constantinople 6. Jailhouse Rock 7. Where Is She? 8. Picnic In The Jungle 9. Smelly Tongues 10. Eloise 11. Ship's A Goin' Down 12. Tourniquet Of Roses 13. I Got Rhythm 14. Passing The Bottle 15. Monkey And Bunny 16. Theme For An American TV Show 17. This Is A Man's Man's Man's World 18. Walter Westinghouse 19. Easter Woman 20. Amber 21. Red Rider 22. Die In Terror 23. The Coming Of The Crow 24. Eva's Warning 25. The Big Bubble 26. Hop A Little 27. Cry For The Fire 28. Festival Of Death 29. Kaw-Liga. Price: € 22,-/copy incl worldwide shipping.

Für die Neuauflage bei Klanggalerie wurde das Live-Material noch einmal gemastert, aber man sollte trotzdem keine High End-Aufnahme erwarten. Dies würde meiner Meinung nach auch der skurril-düsteren Atmosphäre eines The Residents-Konzertes aus den 80ern nicht gerecht werden und so funktioniert der authentische Live-Mitschnitt gleichzeitig als eine Art Best Of der geheimnisvollen Formation zu dieser Zeit. Eine recht ausgewogene und kurzweilige Mischung aus ihren dekonstruktiven Cover-Versionen und eigenen Songs also, die ja meist weit ihrer Zeit voraus waren und so die Vorreiter-Rolle von The Residents hier bestens dokumentieren.
(Black Magazine, August 2015)

Live In The USA - 13th Anniversary ( aka 13th Anniversary Show) is one of the key & classic live recordings of The Residents from the 1980’s. It features a selection of classic Resident’s tunes, dating back to earliest work all the way to material from the mid 1980’s, and most importantly it featured the distinctive & one off guitar talents of Snakefinger. This well deserved & long needed 2015 reissue on Austrian experimental label Klanggalerie- it comes in the form of a double CD set which takes in the whole of this celebrated performance. (...) The two discs come in a fold out six panel glossy CD folder, and this takes in effect mangled pictures from the time, & a short page of liner notes.
(Musique Machine, November 2015)