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Hello Skinny
Betty’s Body
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CHARLES BOBUCK Bobuck plays The Residents

CD album | gg227
"New arrangement and new vocals crack open altered interpretations of favorite Residents standards. Charles Bobuck mixes a bit of wood with va va room on this surprising non-ventriloquist project. It’ll have you singing with your lips closed while drinking a glass of water." That's what Bobuck says about the album. As you can see in the tracklist, Charles Bobuck is re-interpreting some of the finest tunes The Residents ever made. A very personal album, a lot more introvert than The Residents. New arrangements, new vocals by Bobuck himself. Yes, Charles Bobuck sings. Tracklist: 1. 44 2. Hello Skinny 3. Skratz 4. Teddy 5. Boxes Full Of Armageddon 6. Wolverines 7. Commercial Suite 8. Innser Space 9. The Sleeper 10. Betty 11. Mental Decay 12. The Whispering Boys 13. Kill Him! 14. I Hate Heaven. Price: € 18,-/copy incl worldwide shipping.

The whole idea of a songwriter covering their own tracks may seem a little odd, unusually, and possible pointless. But the thing that makes this work is that Bobuck never sang any of the originals, which of course where mostly sung in that distinctive  showy-to-unhidged southern US voice by Randy Rose, aka Mr Skull, aka The Singing Resident. By his own omission in the albums liner notes Bobuck admits he has a ‘feeble & wavering’ voice. And this along with his often drastically different musical re-take of The Residents songs make this album so rewarding. (...) Really each of the tracks managers to reinvent the originals in such a  dramatic manner, that often you’ll have to second check what track it’s meant to be. (...) This is the second post Resident’s release from Bobuck I’ve been impressed with this year, so I do very much look forward to hearing what more he has to offer-up in 2017.
(Musique Machine, December 2016)