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RENALDO & THE LOAF Gurdy Hurding

CD album | gg233
Possibly the thing in the world that you never expected to happen, but luckily you were wrong: Klanggalerie are proud to present you the brand new album by Renaldo & The Loaf. 30 years after "The Elbow is Taboo", Renaldo & Ted The Loaf have created another fabulous record. 13 songs in classic RATL style with an incredible cover by the wonderful Poxodd. All the RATL trademark sounds are there, but of course technology has not passed unnoticed, so there is a 2016 approach to the music, too. This is what the band say: "Olleh! Hard to believe almost 30 years have passed since Elbow Is Taboo but finally we have decided it’s about time for a brand new album. So... (surprise!).... Gurdy Hurding is soon to be released by Klanggalerie . With a wonderful cover design and artwork by Poxodd, the collection of 13 tracks is scheduled to be released on October 25th. Renaldo & Ted". British avantgarde at its purest by who was often called The English Residents. Track list: 1. Henri Rise 2. Pessimistoc Song 3. A Convivial Ode 4. Scent Of Turnip 5. The Moment Is Lost 6. Gurdy Hurding 7. Improbable Legs 8. Carrot Ballet 9. Asper Dorsalis 10. Djinn House 11. Gladsome Vane 12. Early Twirly 13. Optimism. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

The style of Renaldo and the Loaf is immediately recognizable, with goofy voices and exaggerated accents, bizarre lyrics involving topics like garden gnome bedmates or a hatred of soap, non-obvious chords and melodies, acoustic instruments played abnormally and extreme sound manipulation to make everything sound unnatural. On Gurdy Hurding, the duo’s original bizarre vigor is still strong, although there are some technological enhancements. (...) Gurdy Hurding is a true statement of the duo’s fun yet uneasy spirit with an emphasis on creating interesting sounds and a relentless devotion to manipulate each one until it’s sufficiently peculiar.
(The Pulse, November 2016)

De laatste paar jaren worden hun werken van weleer terecht allemaal opnieuw uitgebracht via het geweldige Klanggalerie label, maar een heuse comeback zag ik toch niet aankomen. Toch is die er na bijna 30 jaar middels de cd Gurdy Hurding. Ze serveren 13 nieuwe tracks, waarbij de mannen op leeftijd een jeugdig en uniek geluid aan de dag leggen. Bij sommige mensen spoelen de wilde haren weg in de doucheput, maar bij gasten zoals deze nestelen ze zich schijnbaar dieper in de schedel, zij het wat grijzer. Het valt met geen pen te beschrijven wat ze hier ten gehore brengen. Met omzeilende woorden als Primus maar dan zonder de rock, The Residents vrij van het abstracte, de Cardiacs met een absurdistisch ingetogen twist, John Dowie zonder punk en Ron Geesin die met Yello en Syd Barrett duelleert, kan ik het een beetje duiden. Voor de rest moet je deze zonderlinge genieën gewoon zelf ervaren, want iets als dit zal je niet vaker tegenkomen. Ze zijn echt wel veranderd na al die jaren maar ergens ook helemaal niet. Toonaangevende klasbakken.
(Subjectivisten, November 2016)

Well here’s a real surprise release from late last year, the first album of new material in 30 years from Uk avant-pop/ (off) world music two piece Renaldo and the Loaf. Gurdy Hurding sees the pair returning to the distinctively strange and quirky sonic waters of the past, yet adding in a few new twists and turns to their sound- all to make an album that is both pleasing familiar yet oddly fresh too. (...) With Gurdy Hurding the pair continue their more electro-beat bound focus, but blend it with their quirky (off) world music edges, a modernised medieval music edge, mixed genre blending, more detail sound texture prowess, tighter composition, and of course their on distinctively quirky composition & humour. Though I’d say on the whole this stands as one of their more moody and straight albums, though there a few inherently playful and fun edges on display here. Really the album as a whole offers up a band that sounds both fully refreshed, vibrate, and still wonderfully odd.
(Musique Machine, March 2017)

Time has gifted the duo with enhanced songwriting skills, and a significantly less antagonistic approach means that a lot of these new songs are oddly catchy: the fidgety electro-funk of Scent of Turnip sound suspiciously like a hit, albeit only in the fever dreams of a mad scientist. In contrast, A Convivial Ode and The Moment is Lost are truly beautiful and redolent of Penguin Cafe Orchestra at their off-kilter best but filtered through Zappas synclavier subversion.
(Prog Rock Magazine, January 2017)

A colourful, category-defying , wholly unexpected return to the fray 30 years after their last release "The Elbow is taboo" for Renaldo Malpractice & Ted The Loaf. These one-time Residents collaborators serve a playful cut-up of surreal, brain-teasing vitality, collaging elements of electronic experimentalism, avant-punk and free-funk, cleverly grounding them with the emotional warmth of ethno folk. A palette as fantastically far-removed from laptop dance-pop-by-numbers as you can possibly imagine, yet also curiously timeless and essential.
(Electronic Sounds, April 2017)