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The Weatherman
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THE RESIDENTS Dot.Com (with Radio Thoreau)

CD album | gg241
Between June 1999 and May 2000 Ralph America posted several Residents MP3s on their website. Shortly afterwards, these exclusive pieces were collected on a limited edition CD entitled Dot.Com. Klanggalerie are proud to present you an updated version of this album, remastered and with new artwork by Pore Know Graphics. In 2013, a new sub label of Ralph was started, Radio Thoreau, on the official Residents website. Radio Thoreau presented a collection of recent Residents tunes "fixed" by Charles Bobuck into a more radio friendly form: singles. All material was submitted to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play for an undefined period. Five of these reworkings are collected here, including one which was never released to the public. Full track list (not final running order though): 1. The Sour Song 2. 1999 3. Ninth Rain 4. Marie 5. Wanda 6. Conceiving Ada Titles 7. There's Blood (On The Bunny) 8. Paint It Black 9. My Window 10. Hunters 11. Eskimo Opera 12. Walter Westinghouse 13. The Weatherman 14. I Murdered Mommy 15. I Hear Ya Got Religion 16. Santa Dog For Gamelan Orchestra 17. The Dark Man 18. Fire 99/Santa Dog 2nd Millennium. Price: € 17,-/copy incl worldwide shipping.

The compilation really jumps all over the place chronologically, though it does mainly stick to the 90s/ 2000s - we start off in 1992 with the original instrumental arrangement for The Sour Song, which appeared on the album Our Finest Flowers - which saw the band combining elements of different songs to create something new. After this we move to the year 1999 for their take on the Prince classic 1999, and as we have come to expect from The Residents its a daring, different and wonderful off-kilter cover. It wrings all the funk and joy out of the track, and replaces it with uneasy intent and sleaze - with a blend of electro beats, slurred synth strings, subtle chirming angular guitars, and wavering/creepy male vocals intoning the tracks lyrics - it really does feel like a pop song for the end of the world. (...) One of the early tracks here comes from 1969 in the form of I Hear You Got Religion - which is a great lopsided and wonky blend of strummed along gospel folk, ranting and seesawing vocals, and the occasional off colour horn work. And the whole compilation gets topped off with Fire 99/ Santa Dog 2nd Millennium - which was their late 90s version of their early Xmas classic… it brings in electro beats, moments of snarling guitar, dips into discordant orchestration and moments of lazy-yet-off angular lounge. It nicely tops off the release highlighting the projects ability to create both sonic surprise and distinct oddness.
(Musique Machine, January 2018)