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THE DARKENING SCALE Sonic Archaeology (with tracks from Langtuhn Hemblu)

CD album | gg252
The Darkening Scale is the solo project of David Janssen aka Ted The Loaf of Renaldo & The Loaf. A purely digital affair, DS started in 2006 when RATL was on hold. David days about this album: "Sonic Archaeology was the second Darkening Scale (originally the album was in 3 long chunks and, amazingly, Stuart Maconie played the whole of Part 1 on his Freak Zone radio programme). As with the Klanggalerie version of The Entomology of Sound, this version of Sonic Archaeology is very different to the original version. Of the 15 tracks, 4 are completely new, and one, I have no memory of recording! The remainder of the tracks are drawn from Sonic Archaeology and The Songs of Langtuhn Hemblu, again, many have been reworked, remixed and re-edited. One, Desperate Griper, has a surprising new vocalist. Intrigued? Buy the CD!" Again, this comes in stunning artwork by the brilliant Poxodd. Full tracklist: 1. Regeneration 2. Mandrake Hymn 3. Balsamic Telephonist 4. Amnesia 5. Chinese Whispers 6. The Deadening Sprawl 7. Captain Corelli's Mandarin 8. Desperate Griper 9. T For Tuva 10.The Final Front Ear 11. Lard Rant 12. Black Death 13. Fictive Funk 14. Random Bottle 15. The Deafening Scowl. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.