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An Angel In My Glass
Cooler On The Loop

NORT Games Of Dance And Muscleblood

CD album | gg256
Nort is a member of legendary Sheffield funk/electro/industrial group Hula. He also played the drums for Cabaret Voltaire's solidarity one-time offshoot Pressure Company and was a member of the short lived Surface Mutants. In recent years, he has played with a new group named Yonni. Like most Hula members, he also recorded a solo album. "Games Of Dance & Muscle Blood" came out originally in 1987 on the Ediesta label in York, a 12" of "Cool On The Loop" followed. Whereas John Avery and Ron Wright worked more in the field of soundtrack after the Hula split, Nort's solo album could easily be a long lost Hula album, too. It's an anarchic mix of Postpunk, Funk, Industrial - styles that also characterize Hula's music. For this re-issue, Nort has re-mastered the original album and we have added a mix off the 12" as a bonus. Full tracklist: 1. It's A Dream 2. Cool On The Loop 3. An Angel In My Glass 4. The Ultimate White Man 5. The Sea Is A Machine 6. Bad Daddy 7. Luthers Scream 8. Sleep For A While 9. Slow Down The Insect Pest 10. Looking For The Letter 11. Cooler On The Loop (Edit). Price: € 9,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

funkowe rytmy i paranoiczne wokale („Its A Dream”) czy radiowe sample i jazzowe dęciaki („An Angel In My Glass”). Muzyka ta powstała jednak już w 1987 roku – dlatego ma zdecydowanie bardziej taneczny sznyt. Nort odważa się tutaj na stworzenie własnej wersji downtempo („Bad Daddy”) i psychodleicznego ambientu („Looking For Letter”). Płyta ma nawet własną wersję klubowego przeboju – to „Cool On The Loop” z chwytliwą melodią i tanecznym pulsem.
(Nowa Muzyka, February 2019)