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Einmal Gehen, Zweimal Gehen
Zu Lange Vernünftig

HARDY FOX Nachtzug

CD album | gg276
Hardy Fox used to be composer for The Residents for over four decades. He later released solo albums under the name Charles Bobuck before finally switching to his real name in 2017. After Heart, Nachtzug is his second solo album. In the beginning, this release was intended to become a TOOK release - simply releasing Fox's sketches for The Residents' Ghost Of Hope album. But this idea soon turned out to be not challenging enough, so Hardy started using his original sketches as the basis of an entirely new recording. In the end, the Night Train became such an exciting album that we trashed the TOOK idea and made it a Klang release. It's too precious to be a limited edition, too good to be heard only by a few. The inspiration came from a real train journey, says Fox, towards the end of his time with The Residents: "It was nothing special. I needed to be in Zürich for a show and caught the last train leaving Vienna. Eight hours of rolling down the shiny tracks. Plenty of time to think. Too much time to think. Nachtzug, the night train, understands beginnings. Nachtzug, the night train, comprehends ends.". Full tracklist: 1. Die Jugend hinter mir 2. Einmal Gehen, Zweimal Gehen 3. Paralyisert Von Den Lichtern 4. Drei Am Morgen 5. Zu Lange Vernünftig 6. Nicht Gelangweilt 7. Gestern Wird Zu Morgen. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Fox covers a fair bit of sonic ground-going from dramatic & cascading electronica, creepy & quirky synth pop, electro fed gamelan & percussive world music drifts, grand & bounding soundtrack moments blended with train sound samples, snaking & shifting blends of ambience, & almost IDM moments, through to chugging avant electro fired rock workouts.
(Musique Machine, October 2018)