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RENALDO & THE LOAF + ZAHGURIM BUNDLE Live at Klang 25 Vienna 2 CDs

CD album | gg288-2
BOTH KLANG25 LIVE RECORDINGS AVAILABLE AS A BUNDLE FOR REDUCED PRICE..... The perfect souvenir of the evening: Renaldo & The Loaf only ever graced a stage once nearly 40 years ago for a 20 minute improvisation. In June 2018 Klanggalerie celebrated its 25th anniversary with a 2 day festival that brought 11 bands from the label to Vienna for an exclusive gig. One of those bands was Renaldo & The Loaf.... a great honour for us and a very special event for a lot of people who travelled from all over the world to see them. It was the first time RATL played a proper set and let me tell you, they were beyond amazing. The set consisted of songs old and new, and even a so-far unreleased track was presented for the first time ever. Of course, this unique event was recorded and here is Renaldo & The Loaf live at Klang25 in Vienna in 2018! Full tracklist: 1. BPM 2. Lonely Rosa 3. Scent of Turnip 4. Ow! Stew The Red Shoe 5.Scottish Shuffle 6. Absence 7. Green Candle 8. Henri Rise 9. Bearded Cats 10. Corset Vendor 11. 16 Going On 17. 12. Spratts Medium + Medical Man 13. Gladsome Vane 14. Hambu Hodo. Zahgurim was a TOPY-affilated band formed in the mid Eighties by Paul Ackerley and William Vince. They recorded one album, "Moral Rearmament" for Dossier side label Atonal. It was produced and mixed by Paul Ackerley and William Vince with Simon Crabtree and Julian Gilbert (both of Bourbonese Qualk) at The Old Ambulance Station, Old Kent Road, London on October 24 and 25 1984. Their last live performance took place in 1989 - until the band agreed to play at Klanggalerie's 25th anniversary festival "Klang 25" in Vienna in June 2018, the first gig in 29 years! For this unique performance the band consisted of Paul Ackerley, George Ackerley and Simon Crab. The set was a mix of old and new songs, and was recorded for this CD release. In addition to the live recording, we include a song that was recorded for the event and given away as a download, plus a song that was entirely written by Zahgurim during their stay in Vienna. We are making this item a very limited collectors' edition - numbered to only 150 copies, and when they're gone, they're gone. Full tracklist: 1. New Flesh (Live) 2. Presence (Live) 3. Silent Leap (Live) 4. The Living Room (Live) 5. Sprat Song (LIve) 6. Shower Scene (Live) 7. The Living Room (Studio Mix) 8. Dead Man's Chapel. Price: € 25,- incl. worldwide shipping for the bundle.