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Ode: O, To Be Seen Through Your Eyes!
Pure Scenario


CD album | gg303
Ted Milton is an English poet and musician, best known for leading Blurt, an experimental art rock jazz group. Milton grew up in Africa, Canada and Great Britain. He published some early poems in magazines like Paris Review and Brian Patten's Underdog. In the mid-sixties he began performing as a puppeteer, participating in numerous international festivals and appearing on So It Goes, the TV show hosted by Tony Wilson. He contributed a short scene for Terry Gilliam's film Jabberwocky. In the late seventies he began to play alto-saxophone and founded the group Blurt. The first single "My Mother Was a Friend of an Enemy of the People" was soon followed by the live album In Berlin. Since then Blurt have released more than 20 records. While living in Brussels in the mid-1990s, Milton started making book-objects with found materials. These were shown at several exhibitions and have been taken up in the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris as well as in the British Library. In 1984, Ted Milton released his first solo single, "Love is like a Violence", recorded with Steve Beresford, followed by "Ode: O to be Seen through Your Eyes" one year later. Ever since, Ted has released material outside of Blurt, with various musical partners and in various styles and constellations. Klanggalerie are now happy to present the first CD collection of these songs under the title "Odes". Full tracklist: 1. Love Is Like A Violence 2. Ode: O, To Be Seen Through Your Eyes 3. Skies Are Bruised 4. The Porcine Colonel's Leftover Women 5. Nogales 6. She Spent A Fortune On Lipstick On Me! 7. My North Face 8. Fragments 9. O! Pity Us! 10. Miles Away 11. Where You End 12. Can't Beat Blim 13. The Binary Of Lies 14. Pure Scenario 15. O! Look! 16. Dejeunes Sous L'Herbe 17. La Montagne De Sainet Victoire. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.