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L'Opposition Et Les Cases Conjuguées Sont Réconciliées Part 1
Music From The Film Des Autres Terres Souples Part 1

ETANT DONNES L'Opposition Et Les Cases Conjuguées Sont Réconciliées

CD album | gg304
Etant Donnes is a French duo named after Marcel Duchamp's last major work. The group consists of brothers Marc and Eric Hurtado, born in Morocco and working mainly as performance artists and musicians. Their sound can be described as a mix of field recordings, found sounds and sometimes whispered, sometimes violent vocals. They describe their sounds like this: "Through Marc and Eric, it is the volume of each word that becomes an object-sculpture, together with the power of their bodies expressing their voices. Each event is a scream - indeed even the glissando - of the strength of the word that sometimes abruptly becomes a rock, a solid surface, not in the least fluvial, as is the narrative of a tale, novel or poetic epic. With both of them, there is no more trace of ancient prosodies, no more trace of the incomprehensible Sainte-Beuve who could claim: "I have to collect a volume of prose". The word, the voice, the volume take shape with each other, unveiling a theatre that theatre usually ignores, which has given it such things as a Samuel Beckett's Fin de Partie." Over the years Etant Donnes have collaborated with people like Lydia Lunch, Michael Gira, Alan Vega and Genesis P-Orridge. L'Opposition Et Les Cases Conjuguées Sont Réconciliées was the band's second album, originally released in 1981 on French label Bain Total, run by die Form, on cassette only. For this CD re-issue we have added a long bonus track not on the original album. Full tracklist: 1. L'opposition et les cases conjuguées sont réconciliées Part 1 2. L'opposition et les cases conjuguées sont réconciliées Part 2 3. Music from the film Des autres terres souples Part 1. Price: € 17,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Het titelnummer dat in twee delen aan u gebracht wordt is een serieuze kakofonie aan geluiden die vaak moeilijk te plaatsen zijn, maar duidelijk schatplichtig zijn aan het bruitisme en musique concrete. (...) Dit alles is op ons niet van toepassing, wij hebben gewoon een zwak voor dit soort teringherrie. In een muzieklandschap waarin een bepaalde songstructuur als norm voorgeschreven wordt, is het een verademing dat artiesten als de twee Hurtado’s deze regeltjes niet alleen aan hun laars, maar ineens aan hun hele garderobekast lappen.
(Dark Entries, October 2019)

L Opposition Et Les Cases Conjuguees Sont Réconciliees is certainly a highly unpredictable, daring, at times very head-spinning record - where the pair stop off all manner of sonic places. Instead of being untitled like on the original release the first two tracks use the albums title & Parts 1 and 2 - and it seems also that the tracks have been extended too from their original release, as each now runs at the 19.50 mark. (…) Though-out the track remains darting & active - yet there feels both meaning & focus to the pairs often manic composition style- and really you dont know what will happen next - be it sped-up music samples & junk noise, slurred out buzzing & purring organ tones with eerier tape samples slips, or galloping field recording weaves of droning industrial tones & breaking glass.
(Musique Machine, October 2019)