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Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats?
The Mole Show Live At The House


CD album | gg307
The Residents are an American art collective best known for their over 60 studio albums that were recorded over a period of over forty years. They also created some outstanding multimedia works, mainly three CD ROM projects and ten DVDs. Working as an anonymous collective, their identitites were kept secret until in 2017 Hardy Fox revealed himself as their primary composer. Hardy died in October 2018, but the group continue to record and perform. The PAL TV LP was an obscure release. It appeared on Cabaret Voltaire's Doublevision label in the UK and was released in 1985 in two formats, black and red vinyl. Side One had four tracks from the Mole Show on it. Side Two was an excerpt from Vileness Fats. It was an album mainly created to promote the release of a long form video released in the UK. In its original form, the album has no exclsuive music on it that isn't available anywhere else. For this re-issue, we have added The Mole Show live at The House. Full tracklist: 1. Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth) 2. Another Land 3. Final Confrontation 4. Happy Home 5. Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats 6. Broccoli & Saxophone 7. Lord It's Lonely 8. The Knife Fight 9. The Mole Show Live At The House. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.