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Be Brave
Girls Don't Count
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SECTION 25 Duette (Live In Vienna)

CD album | gg332
Section 25 formed in Blackpool,UK in November 1977. Initially they were a duo, consisting of brothers Larry Cassidy and Vincent Cassidy. In June 1978 they made their live debut with Phil Denton on guitar. Their first 7", "Girls Don't Count", was released in July 1980 on Factory Records, produced by Ian Curtis and Rob Gretton of Joy Division fame. Joined by percussionist Lee Shallcross, Section 25 gradually evolved with a more electronic-dance direction from 1983 onwards, a process which culminated in the album From the Hip and remix single "Looking From A Hilltop", both released in 1984 and produced by Bernard Sumner of New Order. This second iteration of the band also featured the Cassidy brothers' sister Angela Flowers and Larry Cassidy's wife Jenny Ross. In 1986 Section 25 fell silent for more than a decade, and reemerged with the album Part Primitiv in 2006. On 27 February 2010, it was announced that founding member, singer, and bass player for the group, Larry Cassidy, had died at the age of 56. After an expanded line-up consisting of Vincent Cassidy, Bethany Cassidy, Steven Stringer, Jo Cassidy and Michael Cassidy which recorded the latest studio album "Elektra" (also available from us), the band are now down to being a duo again - just like they started. Consisting of Vincent Cassidy and Steven Stringer, Section 25 performed a fantastic show in Vienna in October 2019 where this album was recorded. Full tracklist: 1. Be Brave 2. Girls Don't Count 3. Hit 4. Melt Close 5. Beating Heart 6. You Don't Have To Be Liked To Be Good 7. Wretch 8. Dirty Disco 9. Looking From A Hilltop. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Recorded live at a Vienna concert in October 2019, this nine-tracker predominantly covers early material performed with a modest but balanced set-up that reflects the electro arrangements heard during the past few years, but with a rather more brutal delivery. Tracks like Wretch and Dirty Disco sound as vibrant and dark as ever, while the punishing club hit Looking From a Hilltop seems to improve with every outing - on Duette, it certainly goes off. Perhaps the surprise standout here is You Dont Have To Be Liked To Be Good, a song from recent studio album Elektra previously sweetly crooned by daughter Beth Cassidy. Here the bassline is beefed up, the guitars are shredded and Vins somewhat monotone delivery recalls brother Larrys portentous drone and improves what was an out-of-sorts lacklustre studio cut. More please.
(Flipside Reviews, May 2020)

The gig gets off to a storming start with Be Brave with Vins vocals, opposed to Larrys suiting the more aggressive and electronic sound before leading into Girls Dont Count. (...) You Dont Have to Be Liked to be Good takes an interesting departure from the recorded version which was sung by Bethany on the previous album. Rather than a gentle sway its now got a big danceable beat and groove that wouldnt have sounded out of place in the Hacienda in its prime. (...) The previously mentioned Wretch leads into long time firm favourite, the unrelenting and driving Dirty Disco before climaxing with an euphoric version of Looking From A Hilltop.
(Inkey Blogspot, May 2020)

Vin and Steve have saved the best for last though and the closing trio – Wretch, Dirty Disco and Looking From A Hilltop – are arguably three of the best tunes from their expansive back catalogue. Wretch, from 1982s The Key of Dreams, draws on influences from Joy Division yet is much more dance orientated than their friends and label mates. Looking From A Hilltop brings the set to a close and is one of those timeless tunes. It is often heralded as one of the best and most influential dance records and years ahead of its time. On this outing it has lost none of its power and this pulsating version has a harder edge whilst retaining the spirit of the original.
(Even The Stars, May 2020)

Nachdem man in den vergangenen Jahren (...) als Quartett agierte, existiert Section 25 nun wieder als Duo. Eine Reduktion, die der Band eine enorme Wucht verleiht. (...) Das 2019 in Wien aufgenommene Live-Album präsentiert Klassiker wie Be Brave, Dirty Disco und natürlich Looking From A Hilltop so knochentrocken und mächtig, ja bisweilen beinahe brutal, wie man sie zuvor kaum einmal gehört hat.
(Good Times, July 2020)