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August In December
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BOB UCK & THE FAMILY TRUCK Oddities 2013-2015

CD album | gg360
Hardy Fox was the primary composer of The Residents. He created an incredible body of work, using all kinds of names other than The Residents, amongst them Combo De Mechanico, Sonidas De La Noche, Dead Eye Dick, Charles Bobuck or Black Tar And The Cry Babies. The Tar projects were generally created to help raise money for needy projects for poverty, mass destruction in fire, and to fight the evil of Trump uprising. Before Hardy died, he sent us several albums to be released after his passing. One of these is this collection of obscure tracks recorded between 2013 and 2015, entitled Oddities. Hardy also made the cover design for it and we are proud to give this to you as a limited edition TOOK release. This is the only time Hardy used the name Bob Uck and The Family Truck. We jokingly called Mr. Bobuck Bob or Bobby Uck, this explains the project name. Full tracklist: 1. Beat 3 To The Bar 2. August In December 3. Muffin Munch 4. NY Day 5. Putty 6. Running 7. Say Shell 8. Wada Santa 9. Why Knot? 10. Beat Up 11. Vocal 12. Vocal 3 13. Vocal 4 14. Vocal 5 15. Vocal 7 16. Vocal 8 17. Vocal 14 18. All Fall 19. Bells Of St Louis 20. Bongo 21. Broodish 22. Diamonda. 23. Never Go Down 24. Workout. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.