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Beauty Smashed Forever
Je Suis Lesbien

ATOMIZER Cult Of Europa

CD album | gg363
Their club night was called Nag Nag Nag after a Cabaret Voltaire song. They were remixed by Pet Shop Boys. If you like both, then you will like Atomizer as well. Atomizer was the synth duo project of musicians & DJ’s Jonny Slut & Fil OK. Formed in South London in 2001 their first single produced by KLF’s Jimmy Cauty. "Hooked on Radiation" was picked up by DJ Hell’s International DJ Gigolos label. The following year they launched their own club night Nag Nag Nag in a sleazy Soho basement which was soon crammed to capacity with beautiful misfits, fashionistas and outsider celebrities. Boy George, Kate Moss, Bjork & The Pet Shop Boys were all regulars. The club also attracted guest DJ’s and performers including Yoko Ono, Vitalic, Miss Kittin, Chris & Cosey and The Virgin Prunes. In 2003 the Nag Nag Nag compilation album appeared on React Records, featuring tracks that reflected the clubs genre defying music policy, with Tiga, Chicks on Speed & DJT rubbing shoulders with the 80’s new wave influ-ences of Fad Gadget, Bauhaus & Cabaret Voltaire. Nag Nag Nag soon became an international phenomenon, and in their 10 year career together Atomizer toured live and DJ'ed across Europe, Scandi-navia, The US, South America & Russia. Between 2003 and 2011 they released numerous singles and EP’s on their own Nag Nag Nag label, as well as 3 full length albums. "Hooked On Radiation" was remixed by Pet Shop Boys and has become a dancefloor classic. Cult Of Europa came out in 2009 as a download only release and was produced by Atomizer themselves. It features 11 electro-pop songs, amongst them gems like "Beauty Smashed Forever" or "Je Suis Lesbien". For this first CD release, we are adding bonus tracks not on the original album. The first five come off two EPs, the rest are from a project that took the band's music into a more dance floor direction. Full tracklist: 1. Beauty Smashed Forever 2. I'd Prefer Not To 3. Black Hand 4. Je Suis Lesbien 5. So Many Poisons 6. Scream For Daddy. 7. Leon. 8. Edward. 9. Hypocrites 10. Ingo's Bingo 11. Chlorosister 12. Rot Of The Stars 13. Reptile 14. Karate Marble Factory 15. The Perfumed Garden 16. Dirty Nurse 17. Boys Do It Better (Blue Moon Version) 18. Rot Of The Stars (Blue Moon Version). Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.