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Les Fins (Berlin)
Les Fins (Popsong)

NON TOXIQUE LOST La Dernière Section D'une Longue Chanson

CD album | gg370
Non Toxique Lost are one of the most important and equally most underrated bands from Berlin's 1980s Industrlal scene. Sprung aus den Wolken, Einstürzende Neubauten, Die Tödliche Doris and also Non Toxique Lost were the core of the movement in the divided city. In the old days, most of their albums came out on cassette only, later they were collected onto vinyls and CDs. After the tragic loss of long-time member Steffen Schütze in 2017, NTL are continuing with their unique vision of music. In 2016, the band prepared for a concert at Berlin Atonal festival by composing a new piece, Les Fins du Monde.The last part of it, entitled Untergang, was 6 minutes long. When NTL played a gig at Klang 25 festival in Vienna, they recorded the track for their performance. Around 20 different versions were created for the event. In 2020 Sea Wanton found the tracks in his archive. He re-arranged them and re-recorded them with the help of DJ Vrhovny who also made the master and the artwork. Full tracklist: 1. Les Fins (Berlin) 2. Les Fins (Dark Matters) 3. Les Fins (S.O.T.A.) 4. Les Fins (Popsong) 5. Les Fins (HIs Rhodos Hic Salta) 6. Les Fins (World) 7. Les Fins (Utrecht) 8. Les Fins (Ovita) 9, Les Fins (Korg) 10. Les Fins (Untergang). Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Dazu kommt aus der Gegenwart noch eine gehörige Portion Geschwindigkeit und fertig ist ein wild vor sich hin tackendes Album, bei dem sich der Hörer immer wieder Kopf nickend und mit dem Fuß wippend selbst ertappt. Die gute Kombination von noisigen Parts und schnellen, blubbernden Beats schafft eine gespannt Atmosphäre, die ein spannendes, gut zu hörendes Album auf den Hörer loslässt.
(Ox, August 2021)