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Explosive New Movie
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Severed Heads are an Australian electronic music group founded in 1979 as Mr. and Mrs. No Smoking Sign. The original members were Richard Fielding and Andrew Wright, who were soon joined by Tom Ellard. Fielding and Wright had both left the band by mid-1981 with Ellard remaining the sole consistent member for the rest of the band's existence. In 1984 the band released Dead Eyes Opened as a single, which was remixed in 1994 and re-released, reaching No. 16 on the ARIA Singles Chart. Two of their singles, Greater Reward (1988) and All Saints Day (1989), reached the top 30 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart. Ellard disbanded the group in 2007 and continued with other projects. Subsequent Severed Heads reunions have occurred, the last one a headlining Europe tour in 2019. For this tour, the band released a very limited album entitled Living Museum which was sold at the live shows and contains updated versions of early songs from the band's career. Full tracklist: 1. Explosive New Movie 2. 4WD 3. Tiny Wounded Bird 4. Oscar's Grind 5. Twister 6. We Have Come To Bless The Klaus 7. First Steps 8. Petrol 9. Dollarex 10. The Interpreter 11. Propeller 12. Heart Of The Party 13. Harold & Cindy Hospital 14. Dead Eyes Opened 15. All Saints Day 16. Legion 17. 20DD. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Mimo wpisaniu w te konwencje, muzyka Australijczyków daleka jest od oczywistości. W generalnej większości ma ona dadaistyczny charakter: tanecznym rytmom towarzyszą tu dowcipnie posklejane sample, odsłaniające absurdy popkultury (a nawet szerzej – życia i świata).
(Nowa Muzyka, December 2021)