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Ceux Qu'On Aime - Ce Que Je Hais
Les Cents Pas

ETANT DONNES Ceux Qu'on Aime - Ce Que Je Hais ‎

CD album | gg396
Etant Donnes is a French duo named after Marcel Duchamp's last major work. The group consists of brothers Marc and Eric Hurtado, born in Morocco and working mainly as performance artists and musicians. Their sound can be described as a mix of field recordings, found sounds and sometimes whispered, sometimes violent vocals. They describe their sounds like this: "Through Marc and Eric, it is the volume of each word that becomes an object-sculpture, together with the power of their bodies expressing their voices. Each event is a scream - indeed even the glissando - of the strength of the word that sometimes abruptly becomes a rock, a solid surface, not in the least fluvial, as is the narrative of a tale, novel or poetic epic. With both of them, there is no more trace of ancient prosodies, no more trace of the incomprehensible Sainte-Beuve who could claim: "I have to collect a volume of prose". The word, the voice, the volume take shape with each other, unveiling a theatre that theatre usually ignores, which has given it such things as a Samuel Beckett's Fin de Partie." Over the years Etant Donnes have collaborated with people like Lydia Lunch, Michael Gira, Alan Vega and Genesis P-Orridge. Ceux Qu'on Aime - Ce Que Je Hais ‎was the band's fourth album, dating back to 1983 and originally issued on French Bain Total label (run by Philippe Fichot of Die Form). For this CD re-issue we have added a long bonus track not on the original album. Full tracklist: 1. Ceux qu'on aime - Ce que je hais 2. Les Cents Pas 3. Mieux vaut se retourner que regarder dans le reflet 4. Music from the film Des autres terres souples Part 3. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.