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Beam Shear


CD album | gg404
Klanggalerie are happy to contionue a series of outstanding guitar music that was started by Clean Feed. "In these sick times, there must be a 6th volume of this on-going compilation covering "the parallel realities of contemporary guitarism". Our latest collection runs from A to Z with guitar pieces reflecting the sheer inventiveness and fabulous sonic visions inspired by this instrument of myriad manifestations. The cast of characters ranges from the "legendary" to the "obscure" but all are wonderfully committed players with one foot in the future and one in the past, a formula that puts one’s ass directly in THE NOW." E# - NYC. Full tracklist: 1. André Cholmondeley - Middle Aged Sun 2. Sulynn Hago - Scrapping Metal For Profit 3. Dougie Bowne - An Insignificant Detail 4. Wendy Eisenberg - Moths (In All Directions) 5. Ryan Albert Miller - Beam Shear 6. David Torn - Blues For Another Time 7. Beat Keller - Sinking Ship 8. Matt Wiley - Floodplain 9. Richard Bonnet - Qui Fait Tomber Ma Neige 10. Sergio Sorrentino - Elogium 11. Clara Latham - Michael 12. Ryan McDermott - And Moreover The Face Glistened 13. Jessica Ackerley - Wave 14. Charles K. Noyes - Nameless Rocks 15. Francesca Naibo - The Lump In Our Throats 16. Riccardo Murtas - Dallol 17. Toto Alvarez - The Ocean Inside 18. Zona Zanjeros - Rattlesnake Radio. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

I Never Metaguitar 6 is proof positive that there are still players pushing the edges/ limits of the humble guitar. And for the most part, this is a varied and consistent compilation, and I do hope there are more planned in this series, and this a defiantly made me keen to check out the early discs in the series.
(Musique Machine, November 2022)