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BARNACLES & VONNEUMANN + GEINS'T NAÏT + PHILIP SANDERSON The Gravedigger Kid & More Freshly Baked Corpses For The Kid

2CD album | gg409-2
Matteo Uggeri is an Italian visual designer and composer from Milan. He invests himself in sound poetry of everyday life, organized around a vast array of personal field recordings and melodic compositions meticulously arranged in a story-telling way. He's part of the duo Starlight Assembly along with Dominic Appleton and he plays in Sparkle in Grey, Open to the Sea and The Last Five Minutes. Recently, he has released an album in collabopration withe Nigel Ayers, from Solstice to Equinox, as Nocturnal Emissions & Barnacles, followed up by a live presentation of the album in Vienna. Vonneumann is an experimental/post-rock band from Rome, Italy. The band is named after mathematician Johann von Neumann. The band was formed in 1999 as the successor to the members' previous band, Arborio. They reformed a year later under the name Vonneumann; the decision to change the name was to reflect their changed musical direction. As Arborio had developed a tight math-rock style, its members decided to try a new approach based on improvisation. The band has released several albums and after a longer hiatus has now teamed up with Barnacles to record the album The Gravedigger Kid. This concept album is based on the admiration dead musicians get from their followers and the almost necrophiliac way their legacy is often exploited. This is the special edition that comes with a comic and a CDR of exclusive collaborations with Geins't Naït and Philip Sanderson! Ltd. ed. of 100 copies of which only 25 are for sale through Klanggalerie! Full tracklist: CD1: 1. David Bowie 10th of January 2016 2. Keith Emerson 10th of March 2016 3. George Martin 8th of March 2016 4. Maurice White 3rd of February 2016 5. Prince 21st of April 2016 6. Pierre Boulez 5th of January 2016 7. Lemmy 28th of December 2015 8. Tony Conrad 9th of April 2016 9. Primo Brown 1st of January 2016 10. Zagor Camillas 14th of April 2020 CD 2: 1. Digging Up New Corpses 2. Shane MacGowan 10th of November 2023 3. George Michael 25th of December 2016 4. Ryuichi Sakamoto 28th of March 2023 5. Peter Brötzmann 22nd of June 2023 6. Tina Turner 24th of March 2023 7. George Winston 4th of June 2023 8. David Crosby 18th of January 2023. Price: € 35,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.