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Tell Me How Long Has Trane Been Gone
A Sojourner's Truth

JOE MCPHEE & JOHN EDWARDS Tell Me How Long Has Trane Been Gone (For James Baldwin And John Coltrane)

CD album | gg416
Joe McPhee, born 1939 in Florida, USA, is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, improviser, conceptualist and theoretician. He is currently the member of Trio X, Survival Unit III and has collaborated with Pauline Oliveros, Peter Brötzmann, Evan Parker, Raymond Boni, The Thing, Trespass Trio, and Universal Indians among many others. With a career spanning nearly 50 years and over 100 recordings, he continues to tour internationally, forge new connections and reach for music’s outer limits. John Edwards is a true virtuoso on the double bass whose staggering range of techniques and boundless musical imagination have redefined the possibility of the double bass and dramatically expanded its role, whether playing solo or with others. Perpetually in demand, he has played with Evan Parker, Sunny Murray, Derek Bailey, Joe McPhee, Lol Coxhill, Peter Brötzmann, Mulatu Astatke and many others. In 2019 McPhee and Edwards met at Artacts festival in Austria and performed together as a duo for the first time. The concert was held at a public school with the duo performing in front of the Wilder Kaiser mountain and left the audience stunned and speechless. This CD is a recording of this amazing concert. Joe McPhee plays sax and sings, John Edwards plays the double bass. Full tracklist: 1. Tell Me How Long Has Trane Been Gone 2. A Sojourner's Truth 3. Whispers Of Naima 4. The Onliest Monk. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Tell me how long has Trane been gone… It may evoke a reflective, nostalgic mood; the interplay between Edwards and McPhee, however, is very much here and now, also in improvisation as Whispers of Naima, that references Naima a jazz ballad of Coltrane from 1959. Both play on the edge and participate in a fresh musical dialogue that is full of ideas and intense.
(Vital Weekly, January 2023)