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Laughing Hyenas
Odobenus Rosmarus
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CD album | gg426
With solid training as a classical musician, Sophie Agnel took a close interest in modern jazz before committing in the early Nineties to the shifting, deliciously uncertain ground of free improvisation, thanks to her fascination for the powers of expression displayed by a few great keyboard-heretics such as Keith Tippett, Fred Van Hove or Christine Wodrascka. She began reworking the prepared piano techniques imagined by John Cage and transformed her instrument into a sort of extended piano. Coming from a Punk music background Joke Lanz started in the mid 80s to play Experimental- and Noise music. Best known for his internationally acclaimed project Sudden Infant, Lanz is presenting his work since 30 years all over the world. Born in Switzerland and currently operating out of Berlin, he is one of the most prolific and profound artists working in the border zones where performance and body art meet Improvisation and Noise. California native Michael Vatcher, now residing in Amsterdam, quickly progressed from hitting household furniture to taking vibraphone and snare drum lessons as a child. The trio impresses with precise playing, intensity, spontaneity and a great sense of musical humour. Radical playing techniques, curiosity and the exploration of sound possibilities create constant tension. Their first trio release Animals brings together 13 tracks full of twists and turns, creative lightness and complex virtuosity. Full tracklist: 1. Laughing Hyenas 2. Lullaby For Dionysus 3. Poltergeist Activity 4. Baby On Board 5. Michael Nyman Fell Asleep 6. Agatha Christies Notebook 7. Metallic Meditation 8. Its Not Allowed 9. Odobenus Rosmarus 10. Wally Walrus 11. Siren Song 12. Frog Pond Ballet 13. Paul Rutherfords Trombone. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

I believe Lanz brings a punky, I dont care attitude. Of course, that is not alien to the world of (very) free improvisation, but Lanz attitude towards vinyl provokes the other players to make some bold moves too. Many of the thirteen songs are short and to the point, keeping the speed high in this surprising release; I love it!
(Vital Weekly, March 2023)

The dynamics are urgent and intense, creating constant, stimulating tension with unconventional and inventive techniques, but always precise ones, and with a subversive sense of humor and, obviously, many sudden twists. This trio explores radical sonic ideas, or unpredictable, rhythmic dynamics with great curiosity but no attachment. Once it is exhausted, the trio continues to its next adventure. Somehow this kind of improvised chaos makes perfect sense, and the beautiful cover artwork by Lasse Marhaug cements this trios fascinating and joyful sonic collisions.
(Freejazz Blog, March 2023)

Die Klavierspielerin, der Plattenspieler und der Schlagzeuger verschaffen der Tierwelt neue Töne und verpassen ihr grundgeniale Überschriften: Baby On Board, Poltergeist Activity, Frog Pond Ballet oder, aus Namen generiert, Michael Nyman Fell Asleep, Agatha Christies Notebook und Paul Rutherfords Trombone. Ähnlich einfallsreich klingt das, wenn auch nicht immer so zwingend wie der Schmäh ihrer Titelgebung.
(Freistil, August 2023)