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The Darkening Scale is the solo project of David Janssen aka Ted The Loaf of Renaldo & The Loaf. A purely digital affair, DS started in 2006 when RATL was on hold. The Entomology of Sound was the first album and came out as digital file and a very limited CDr. David says about it: "Back in 2006, much to my surprise, I found myself making music again after a long gap. Starting at the bottom of a steep learning curve, The Entomology of Sound was the first result". Several albums followed, one of them being a radical re-working of Duck Stab by The Residents, Stuck Bad. After concentrating on reissuing the back catalogue, David started making music again during the Covid lockdowns. He says: “On 10the April 2020, early in the first UK Lockdown, I started collecting sound samples and began to make a kind of diary/sketchbook of musical ideas. Within about a week I’d accumulated a number of pieces and, at the suggestion of Walter from Klanggalerie, I started a Bandcamp page. The pieces were made available at £1 per track and eventually there were 28 of them! All of the money raised was split between NHS Charities Together and UNICEF. Just as suddenly as the pieces started to flow they stopped. There were a couple more pieces that were started but never finished. Late in 2021 I decided that it was time to dust off the Lockdown Music files and, in the time-honoured fashion of Darkening Scale releases on Klanggalerie, reasses them. Unlike previous releases these pieces have been heavily reworked, remixed, edited and arranged into four suites of pieces. Not all of the pieces have been used, the fourth piece includes some material from 2018 and the final section is from late 2021." Full tracklist: 1. One 2. Two 3. Three 4. Four. Price: € 19,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Locum Windsock als synth-orchestrale, keys-launige, hintersinnige Plunderphonie von The Darkening Scale. Mir gibt das Gelegenheit, David Ted the Loaf Janssen von Renaldo & The Loaf und The Tape­worm Vessel, den ich wegen der Connection zu The Residents und Ralph Records als kalifornischen Freak einsortiert habe, korrekt zu würdigen als Hamp­shire-Dadaisten, der mit britischem Spleen Beckett, Monty Python und Pere Ubu unter einen Hut und The Residents erst auf Ideen gebracht hat.
(Bad Alchemy, August 2023)