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These Are Dreams
What Do You Remember

RAPOON These Are Dreams

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Founded in 1992 after Robin Storey left Zoviet France, Rapoon soon became an outstanding ethno-dark ambient project that has gained a cult following all over the world. More than 80 albums have been released over those nearly 30 years, some more beat driven, others more playful and with ambient sounds and ethnic influences. Rapoon has never stopped evolving - think of Cultural Forgeries, an album full of unplugged acoustic music. Or Downgliding, full of compositions on the piano. Recent Klanggalerie albums include Waiting by the River, an album that introduced vocals to the Rapoon sound, or Little Rocket Man which was inspired by the political situation in 2018 with Trump as president in the United States.These Are Dreams is a new album full of rhythmic music that was composed over the last few years. It has the Rapoon trademark sound but is beat driven from start to end. Full tracklist: 1. These Are Dreams 2. Moth Man 3. Floating Words 4. Deep In My Heart 5. Strange Voices 6. What Do You Remember 7. It's Blue 8. Over And Over 9. Like A Dream 10. Do You Love Me Too. Price: € 18,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

While much of his music in the 2020s has been beatless, These Are Dreams, his latest CD, is entirely rhythmic, with each of the ten tracks homing in on a different, drum-driven entrainment. Recalling the eyelid-beatings of REM sleep, or the rhythms involved in therapies like EMDR, or even simply hypnotism, this is an album that cuts deep into the unconscious part of the psyche from the word go.
(Juno Daily, February 2023)

Tutaj wszystko jednak jest perfekcyjnie zharmonizowane. Rytm nie jest tylko rytmem, ale współtworzy także brzmieniowy i klimatyczny charakter płyty. Dzięki temu materiał ten ma wyjątkowy urok.
(Nowa Muzyka, March 2023)

Robin Storey deserves a book, and it should be a richly illustrated one because he also is a very fine graphic artist, a fact attested to by his lively cover art and many gallery exhibits. (...) For avid listeners, These are Dreams should provoke a sense of nostalgia. Each track percolates with rhythm and bristles with the voices of scary choirs, bemused innocents and assertive savants. Regardless of the number of years gone by, Rapoon continues to stir dreams on the murky borderland of nightmare.
(Avant Music News, April 2023)

On These Are Dreams, several tracks even feature spoken-word elements — there are no credits, so its impossible to know whether the speaker is Storey himself (though one of them sounds like a woman). As always, the music is notable for its ability to hold your interest even with all of its repetition and minimal development.
(CD Hotlist, April 2023)