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Bright Red White + Blue

BLURT At Tilos, Budapest

CD album | gg442
Blurt was founded in Stroud, UK, in 1979 as part of the post-punk movement by poet, saxophonist und puppeteer Ted Milton along with Milton's brother Jake, formerly of psychedelic group Quintessence, on drums and Peter Creese on guitar. After three albums Creese left the band to be replaced by Herman Martin on synthesizers who, after a year of constant touring left the band, and was replaced by Steve Eagles, former member of Satan's Rats, The Photos and Bang Bang Machine. Shortly thereafter Jake Milton left to be replaced by Nic Murcott, who was subsequently replaced by Paul Wigens. Most of Blurt's compositions feature simple, repetitive, minimalistic guitar and/or saxophone phrases, but they can also explore more abstract musical territories, often serving as an atmospheric backdrop for Ted Milton's existentialist poetry. The music has been described as Dada-Avantgarde-Jazz or Paranoid Jazz-Mutant Funk. Practically impossible to pigeonhole. In the early 1990s, Ted Milton released a small run of self-made lyrics books, amongst them Pagan Strings. The first two volumes contained the lyrics to the Blurt album of the same name. The first edition of this came as an art edition with card backing and plastic sleeve, the standard edition was released on the band's own Toeblock label in 1992. The year after, Blurt took the album on the road. At Tilos brings you a formerly unavailable recording of a fantastic show in Budapest in 1993. It shows the band in full form. Full tracklist: 1. Phone Monika 2. Alouette 3. Slow Boat 4. Bright Red, White + Blue 5. Authors 6. Violin Sherbet 7. La Clef Des Champs 8. Bird Trigger 9. Machina Machina 10. Universal Love Song 11. Planet You 12. Chouettes 13. Amour De Ma Vie 14. Mesopotamia 15. End Of An Era 16. People Can Fly. Price: € 19,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.