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Olaf Rupp plays Improvised Music on the acoustic and electric guitar. The organic flow of his music is guided neither by chance nor by dominant, willful decisions. To him the same level of focus and attentive energy should be present in loud and fast music as well as in softer, more subdued kind of playing. In all his music he explores how motion-clusters can be perceived as one agglomerated sound in motion by using spectralistic fields of tones. Meinrad Kneer is a double bass player, composer, improviser, band-leader and label owner. His music moves along the musical boundaries of jazz, improvised, contemporary-composed and ethnic music. He studied double bass and music in the Netherlands (conservatories of Hilversum and Amsterdam), where he quickly entered the Dutch jazz- and subsequently the international scene of free improvisation. Rudi Fischerlehner plays drums in various different musical projects that fall between improvised and experimental music, jazz and post-rock. He also composes and produces music for bands, film and performances. Born in 1977 in Austria he was introduced to the drums in his childhood and started playing in bands as a teenager around Linz. Following a brief period studying classical percussion he moved to Vienna, travelled to Africa and China, spent a few month in New York and now resides in Berlin. Puna is the trio's first album as a group. Full tracklist: 1. Puna 1 2. Puna 2 3. Puna 3 4. Puna 4. Price: € 19,-/copy incl. worldwide shipping.

Rickety rhythms that change instantly, overtones in both electric guitar and double bass, interjected with more serene moments. At other times, a grooving line in the double bass with subtle percussive counter accents, not quite syncopations, more like polyrhythm, with slow-moving mysterious block sounds of guitar end in a disjointed groove in drums, well ethnic percussion and bass drum I should say. Its delicate and inspiring. This is a damn fine release!
(Vital Weekly, October 2023)

Im geteilten Berlin-Spirit ganz high, sind die drei bei diskanten Gratwanderungen total auf Draht, mit gleich mal crashenden Becken, kollerndem Steinschlag, jauligem Flageolett, ruppigem Flickern und Dröhnen. Während der Bogen noch pfeift und schillert, plonkt die andere Hand schon Bassbomben zu perkussivem Wischeln, Rasseln, Klirren. Rupp pri­ckelt, harkt, biegt Töne und Tonwellen, die Schläge hageln immer dichter, Kneer fiedelt infernalisch – bis die Klangwolke aufreißt für gepflückte, muschelige, eisern aufgerührte Klänge. Und sich in schrottigem Tumult und plonkigem Pizzicato wieder verdichtet.
(Bad Alchemy, October 2023)

Rupp plays the electric guitar and brings to this trio his energetic manner of charging and shaping the improvisations with an organic flow of loud and raw clusters of sounds while using spectral fields of tones. Kneer adapts immediately to these stormy sound waves but also opens them with his own, different kind of possessed and powerful playing, arco and pizzicato, with his own manic sense of rhythmic flow and enigmatic overtones, while Fischerlehner solidifies the tight and uncompromising dynamics of the trio with completely free drumming.
(Salt Peanuts, November 2023)

Kneer often challenges Rupps harmonics and trills with his pizzicato lines, which he likes to play in the very high registers. The bass thus becomes an additional melody instrument, refusing any rhythmic work and acting like a kind of songbird hovering over the musical landscape, that Fischerlehner structures with bumpy rhythms. This musical landscape is like an echo of wacky alternative rock bands such as Tortoise or Sonic Youth, because Rupp repeatedly intersperses the improvisation with open guitar chords.
(Free Jazz Collective, November 2023)

Ein Ton wird zur Klangfarbe, ein Akkord zum Spektralkomplex und ein Rhythmus zu einer Welle von unvorhersehbarer Dauer. Ein harmonisches Spektrum basiert auf Obertonreihen, mit denen er die Improvisation mit einem Fluss laut-roher Klangcluster auflädt. Kneer passt sich diesen stürmischen Klangwellen sofort an, initiiert sie aber auch selbst mit seinem ganz eigenen, kraftvollen Obertonspiel, sowohl gepizzt als auch Arco, während Fischerlehner die straffe und kompromißlose Dynamik der Musik mit völlig freiem Schlagzeugspiel festigt.
(Concerto, November 2023)